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How to Choose The Right Prefabricated Entry Vestibule for your business

Prefabricated Entry Vestibule for your business

Before talking about prefabricated entry vestibules, let’s establish what they are right off the bat. A vestibule refers to the entrance of a home or business, and can be in the form of a lobby, hall, or preliminary room that people will walk through to enter the main part of a building’s ground floor. Vestibules can serve many purposes – in older styles of architecture, they were often utilized to allow people to store their outdoor clothing in a secure location – the precursor to modern coat checks in many regards. Vestibules these days can serve a plethora of purposes beyond being a simple clothing receptacle, however, so let’s get into that a little bit.

Vestibule Varieties

Vestibules can be used to help make the occupants or guests in a building feel a little safer. Security vestibules will often have a security person located inside them that will check in guests, verify identities, and perform other basic security functions. However, a security vestibule entry can also perform automatic security checks as well with the presence of an identity card reader.

Benefits of having a secure entry vestibule like this are immeasurable and obvious, as their utilization can drastically improve the overall security and strength of a home or office building. One common form of secure vestibule is the school security vestibule, which contains metal detectors and sometimes school officers who are present to detect and observe situations to note any possible threats or danger.

Another kind you might be familiar with is a parking lot security vestibule, which makes sure that people entering and leaving parking garages pay their fair share. A double secure entrance vestibule is one that normally requires two forms of verification before entering. That might mean checking in with some form of key card while also signing in at a security desk. While these are less common, they are being used more and more with time.

Obviously, there are a ton of vestibule varieties, but we though we should also mention entryway security vestibules especially as they are being utilized for more and more places recently. Vestibules as security measures have proven themselves to be very effective in limiting security threats time and time again. A security vestibule entry can make building or home inhabitants, concert-goers, and restaurant patrons feel much safer overall.

Prefabricated Entry Vestibule

Other notable kinds of a vestibules include entry vestibules, which are quite common. Prefabricated entry vestibules are being seen more and more in modern architecture, as they offer a temporary vestibule, or temporary entry vestibule to any building with both speed and ease. They can be set up quickly and serve their purpose quite well, and add an additional array of security and protection to whatever kind of building they’re being set up with.

Prefabricated entry vestibules can be used at a variety of events in a variety of climates, seasons, and environments. Because of their inexpensive material costs (as they are not intended to be added onto buildings permanently), they are quite cheap to set up. This makes them ideal for temporary events like concerts, festivals, and seasonal moments when businesses might want to add on an extra layer of protection. These types of entrances are often portable vestibules as well, which allow for their being packed up and transported along with whatever event makes the presence of a prefabricated entry vestibule necessary. Again, things like concerts and sports games can do well to include these types of vestibules, as long as the vestibule design serves its necessary purpose.

When purchasing a prefab entry vestibule there’s a lot of details that can be overlooked. Some businesses are not even aware of many details and they end up choosing something that does not fit their needs.

Mistakes like this can make a business lose time, money, effort, and in some extreme cases, even clients. In short words, choosing the right entry vestibule is really important.

In this comprehensive beginners guide, were going to learn all the aspects to keep in mind when choosing and buying prefabricated entry vestibule for any type of business.

Whether it’s a restaurant, a building, school, church, or another type business there’s a prefabricated entry vestibule that is designed to fit your company’s needs. 

These needs for a prefabricated vestibule can include:

  • Affordability
  • 360° Visibility
  • Durability
  • Comfortability
  • Weatherproof
  • Built-in Desk
  • Portable Booths
  • Solid Steel Base-Frame
  • Ventilated
  • Customizability

The perfect place that includes all these needs and more is the Guardian Booth. For more information visit 

They offer safety, security, and convenience in all of their prefabricated booths, made out of the highest quality, that can be customized to meet all of your wants and needs.

Benefits of a Prefabricated Entry Vestibule

Prefabricated Entry Vestibule is the extra room added on the exterior of a business building that works as a double entryway system, providing a form of access control to this building.

The main benefits you can receive form buying an entry vestibule include:

  • Instant boot to a facility’s security: that’s right when you implement a prefab entry vestibule the security of a building, parking lot, school, or any type of facility increments the security significantly.
  • Reduces energy costs: Businesses that go for prefab entry vestibules have found that they significantly save energy costs by reducing the transfer of heat and cold through the front door.
  • Added publicity: This means that using prefabricated vestibule increments the visibility of your business, by simply applying some commercial entry vestibule design ideas that fit the business model of your company and people from outside will be able to locate you more easily.
  • Customer Services: entry vestibules also acts as an information provider for any customers that may have questions, concerns, or general information.

Outdoor vestibules are often a requirement for places and events that take place in large, sprawling areas. One event, if it covers enough ground and will have a large number of bodies attending, might need several types of vestibules. A front entry vestibule would cover one side of a large concert, while there would be a smattering of other entry vestibules across the grounds of the entire events. You don’t need a vestibule building to have a vestibule – this is a common misconception, actually. Vestibules simply serve as a temporary space for people to go through before coming from the outside world and entering a new place or event, like a concert, convention, or fair.

Vestibules for restaurants are another common form of vestibule that you might never have thought about before. Sometimes, restaurants will make use of a restaurant vestibule to store people’s clothing or personal items before the patron goes on to eat inside of the main restaurant itself. Maybe a restaurant needs restaurant vestibules for additional security purposes as well. There are tons of entry vestibule design ideas that can serve a myriad of reasons for owning and operating a prefabricated entry vestibule, but it especially makes sense when possible patrons or guests need to be checked and observed before being allowed onto the actual premises itself.

Winter vestibule cost can be a concern for some business owners, especially at this time of the year. Setting up the design and construction can be an absolute pain, especially when the elements can drastically complicate the entire process altogether. This can all help drive the costs of a restaurant vestibule for sale, so it might be a wise business decision to wait until balmier months arrive to purchase a vestibule for your own home or business.

Unless, of course, you’re looking for a prefabricated entry vestibule. With prefabricated entry vestibules, everything we’ve just said should be reversed. Since they’re so simple to set up, the season itself doesn’t have as big of a part to play. The process is quick and easy, and won’t be affected because it takes so little time to begin with. Front door vestibules for sale will likely be very cheap if they are, in fact, prefabricated entry vestibules.

Entry vestibule dimensions can play a large role in a business or home owner’s decision to implement their own type of vestibule, but they really shouldn’t be. The dimensions of a vestibule will almost always be adjusted to fit the needs of their future owner, especially if being constructed from scratch. Commercial entry vestibule design ideas demonstrate this perfectly, as there are so many varieties of designs out there. Any hired architect or construction foreman worth their salt will be able to tell you that as a home or business owner, you are in charge of how your finished vestibule looks, as it’s your money that’s being put into the project.

This is true for prefab shelters, temporary entrance vestibules, or exterior vestibules – no matter what the ultimate purpose of what you’re building, it’s you whose say matters the most in its construction. What that means is you should never take anything lying down when you’re in charge. Since you’re paying the prefabricated entry vestibule cost, you’re the one with all the power.

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