Ticket Booth for Sale: Choosing the Best One for Your Business

Choosing the best ticket booth for sale is critical to the success of your business. After all, it’s the first thing your customers see.

Our research and design team truly understands how unique your needs are. Guardian Booth manufactures solutions for every possible setback you could be experiencing at the entrance of your stadium, theater, raceway, theme park, carnival, or expo. If you have a problem, we have a ticket booth for sale that solves it. Period.

Boost your employee retention rate by choosing a comfortable, well-ventilated, air conditioned workspace. Our ticket booths feature spacious interiors with 360° of sunlight, visibility, and ventilation. A double layer of durable aluminum panels filled with weather-resistant insulation means regardless of the weather; your employees stay comfortable, cool, dry, and happy. A built-in desk and drawer come standard, because an organized staff is an efficient and profitable one.

Earn the loyalty of your customers by providing an experience at the ticket booth they won’t forget. Our booths feature large sliding windows on every side, allowing you to accommodate multiple customers at the same time, and significantly reducing wait times. Provide the perfect place for purses, wallets, and credit card receipt signatures by adding a counter to the outside of your booth.

Whether you need a permanent station at the entrance of your theme park or a portable ticket booth to travel from fairground to fairground, we’ve got you covered. With a focus on security, efficacy, and professional appearance, we’ve collected feedback from people just like you and designed our booths accordingly. Our 4×4 and 4×6 mobile ticket booth models are ideal for temporary venues, with a forkliftable base frame, moderate weight, and the option of adding wheels with lockable brakes.

Choose a ticket booth for sale that will guarantee an exceptional experience for your employees and customers.


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  • Get Comfy

    A comfortable space is a happy workplace. Choose a spacious, well-ventilated ticket booth for sale.

  • Stay Organized

    Clutter is your enemy. Stay organized with our built-in desk and drawer.

  • Make Money

    Keep it simple. Collect fees at the entrance of your stadium, theater, or raceway effortlessly.

  • Jump Around

    There’s nothing standing in your way. Order a portable booth if you travel from venue to venue.

  • Be Inviting

    Provide customers with a pleasant experience. Ordering a counter for the outside of your booth can do that.

  • Cool Off

    A hot summer day is a great day for your business. Keep employees cool in our air conditioned booths.

  • Open Up

    Communicating with customers is priority number one. Make it easier with large sliding windows on every side.

Recommended Features for Ticket Booth



  • Skip the fan.
  • Keep employees cool on your busiest summer days with a brand name, warranty-protected air conditioner built right into the ticket booth.
  • All units feature a digital screen, remote control, and separate power outlet.



  • Mitigate risk.
  • Keep employees warm on chilly nights with professionally wired and installed baseboard heaters to avoid the potential fire hazard of using portable ones.
  • Includes a built-in thermostat right next to the light switch.



  • Speed up.
  • Order a second desk with built-in drawer for any side of the ticket booth you choose.
  • Encourage organization, boost productivity, and cut waiting times in half for your customers.


Do you sell cashier booths?

We sell booths in a variety of designs that can be used as ticket booths, cashier booths, guard shacks and more!.

What are the dimensions of your ticket booths?

Our standard ticket booth sizes are 4x4, 4x6, 6x6, 6x8, 8x8, and 8x10 feet. However, we can provide a quote to customize and manufacture any size booth to your specifications and needs..

Do you sell used guard and ticket booths?

Sometimes we have used booths in inventory which are retiring from rentals; it depends on the time of year and our inventory. Please reach out to see if we have a used booth that suits your needs. Note that the availability and price of refurbished booths vary depending upon the condition, features, inventory, and location..

Can your booths be fully customized?

Yes, we offer a variety of custom sizes, specifications, and options. Contact us for a quote to fit your needs..

Do you have a booth with a bathroom?

Absolutely! We offer the option of a restroom when you purchase a booth that is 6' x 8' or larger..

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