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In-Plant Building

Working in warehouses or factories can make it hard to create a permanent working space or break area for your employees. Guardian Booth knows what it’s like to serve our clients working in these industries. We have a variety of sizes and structures you can choose from that can serve your business’s needs.

In-plant buildings are versatile. You can use them as a modular in-plant office for plant managers and supervisors to have a designated meeting space without worrying about any distractions. They can also serve as a temperature-controlled prefab structure to help employees cool off or warm up depending on the type of work environment your employees are facing. Either way, we can manufacture a quality prefabricated in-plant building that will help your business continue to run smoothly.

Let’s start with our in-plant offices. Working in large warehouses, factories, or even construction sites can lead to lots of noise and distractions for employees. It’s essential to have a designated space that is quiet that lets you sit down and work on tasks or meet with employees without any distractions.

Equip your office with a built-in desk and drawer to give you the proper workspace and organization you need to get through your workday. Need phone and internet access? We can install electricity, breaker panel boxes, data ports, and phone lines in your modular in-plant offices, making it easy for you to send emails and communicate with others throughout the work facility.

 Now, let’s move onto our temperature-controlled structures. Working in extreme temperatures is part of the job in certain industries. So, it’s important to show you employees that you care and keep them safe. You can utilize our temperature-controlled rooms as a warming center to give your workers a warm place to utilize after working long hours in the rain, snow, and low temperatures, or you can make it a cooling center for those long hot days working in the field.

 Whatever type of structure you need, we can customize it with needed add-on features to make your in-plant building work best for you. Large sliding glass windows make it easy to communicate with your employees and visitors. Outside LED spotlights are a great addition to make it easier to illuminate your property or workspace for late-night shifts.

The best part is that these in-plant buildings are designed on site at our facility and delivered to your company ready to be used immediately.

Our modular in-plant offices are designed and customized to meet your industry’s needs. Contact us today to learn more about our in-plant building prefabricated structures .                                .

  • Respond Quickly

    Our booths come pre-assembled and ready for use so you can add space quickly, in a fraction of the time that conventional construction takes.

  • Reduce Cost

    Cut down on construction costs with a prefabricated healthcare booth that is made of sturdy yet lightweight materials.

  • Maintain distance

    Outdoor temperature taking booths keeps workplaces safe by providing healthcare workers with a location to screen and test Covid-19 patients away from the general population.

  • Follow Protocol

    Modular medical buildings are a designated place to carry out required testing and vaccination procedures.

  • Deconstruct

    Once the immediate demand passes, you’ll be able to demobilize your prefabricated modular medical clinic.

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Frequently Asked Questions


We can finish the booth in any way the customer wants, even with wood finishing.

All of our booths are available for sale. In addition, we maintain a fleet of 4′ x 4′ and 4′ x 6′ booths that are available for short and long term rentals.

While we shop around the globe to find the strongest and highest quality material for your booth, the end product is designed and manufactured in the United States.

We strongly recommend against transporting the booth on its side, though we know that it has been done by some customers without a problem. If you decide to follow in their footsteps against our recommendation, please make sure to at least remove the windows, and pay extra caution to the roof overhang. The roof of our standard booth has a 4″ overhang that could be damaged when the unit is laid on its side.

We don’t typically purchase back used guard shacks or booths, but we often receive inquiries from people who are looking to purchase a used booth. Thus, we might be able to put you in contact with someone who wants to buy your booth. Feel free to reach out to provide us with photos of your booth, and we can try to match you with a buyer.

Absolutely! We offer the option of a restroom when you purchase a booth that is 6′ x 8′ or larger.

Yes, Yes, outlets and interior lights are standard. And, we also offer tinted windows, baseboard heaters, and outside spotlights as optional add-on features.

Yes! We are happy to offer custom units designed to your specifications in size, power options, design, and accessories. Designed from a double layer of durable PPGI (pre-painted galvanized iron) sandwich panels and aluminum framing, filled with weather-resistant XPS insulation. You think of it and we will get it done!

We have a multi-unit discount available on orders of 3 booths or more.

Yes, we deliver to the West Coast, East Coast and all across the country. In fact, we offer free nationwide delivery of every booth purchased. Please click here to contact us for a free quote.

Sometimes we have used booths in inventory which are retiring from rentals; it depends on the time of year and our inventory. Please reach out to see if we have a used booth that suits your needs. Note that the availability and price of refurbished booths vary depending upon the condition, features, inventory, and location.

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