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There’s no shortage of security guard booths for sale, but how do you figure out which one is best for your business? We suggest you choose your guard shack carefully. Your facility, inventory, intellectual property, employees, and finances are at stake. The security guard shack new design should function as optimally as possible, and should support the needs of your guard booth security personnel.

Relax. You’ve come to the right place. You’ll find guard shacks for sale that meets your needs. As experts in guard booth security, our guard shacks research and design team knows exactly what you need to secure, monitor, and maintain access control for your security booth. Our 4×6 guard shack is a popular product that has satisfied hundreds of consumers worldwide. Our pre-assembled security guard shack new custom designs on the booth’s exterior and our add-on features offer you a product tailored to your needs! Each guard shack for sale has our hallmark stamp of quality and craftsmanship, allowing you to feel proud of your purchase!

Guardian Booth manufactures security guard booths that are stationary, or portable guard booths that can be moved around a facility. The prefab guard shack provides employees with a 360-degree vantage point, ultimate comfort, and superior protection on all sides. If you have property and employees you need to protect, we have a security guard shack for sale that’ll get the job done.

Security can really be that simple.

Choose a centrally-located station designed for constant communication, privacy, and situational awareness where you can place the prefab security booth or portable cabin. Our mirrored and tinted windows on all sides of the prefab guard booth allow guards to do their job without being monitored by potential threats. You can also upgrade to shatter-resistant; providing additional protection even in the worst case scenario.

Keep employees focused on the task at hand by choosing a comfortable, weatherproof workplace for them. Our security guard booths and used guard shacks are built with two layers of durable aluminum and PPGI (pre-painted galvanized iron) panels filled with weather-resistant insulation; eliminating distractions even when Mother Nature decides to give you her worst. Add a built-in air conditioner and baseboard heaters for maximum comfort and minimal downtime.

Cover all your security bases with features specifically designed for your guard booths protection. Reduce employee breaks away from the guard shack and your facility’s overall risk with a built-in restroom. Illuminate every inch of your property and keep your inventory where it belongs by having us mount swiveling LED spotlights to the outside of your guard shack. A portable security booth offers even more protection, by allowing your guard shed extra mobility.

We manufacture security guard booths or prefabricated security cabins that get the job done, whether they’re the standard 4×6 guard shack or much larger, new order or used guard shacks available for short-term rent. And the fact that our guard shacks for sale come 100% pre-assembled means there’s no hassle for you! The ease of setting up your guard booths security is of utmost importance to us; that’s why our prefabricated guard shacks are designed to be highly user-friendly.

View Guardian Booth’s Gallery Page to see our guard security booths, shacks and guard sheds to keep your facility safe. If you’re interested in used guard shacks, contact us via phone, email, or live chat to find out about what’s available.

You can also find a guard shack for sale and customize it according to your needs! Many of our clients have custom designs on the exterior to showcase their company or brand. They’ve changed the look and feel of their booth from a standard guard shack for sale to looking uniquely-branded for their specific needs.

We’re confident you’ll enjoy the quality and adaptability of our prefabricated guard shacks as much as we enjoy producing them!

  • Be on Point

    Security guard booths with a full 360-degree view provide the ultimate vantage point.

  • Stay Secure

    Keep employees protected at all times with a security shack station specifically designed for them.

  • Maintain Focus

    Provide a comfortable and weatherproof guard sheds to prevent unnecessary distractions on the job.

  • Remain Covert

    Stay one step ahead of the game at all times with tinted windows in your guard shacks that mask your employee's movements.

  • Send a Message

    Security guard booths positioned at the entrance of your facility help deter trespassing and theft.

  • Work as a Team

    Promote optimal security with a centrally located guardhouse station designed for constant communication.

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Frequently Asked Questions


We don’t manufacture security arms, but we can work with our partners in the industry and include it in your quote for the booth.

We do manufacture ballistic resistant booths for guard shacks, and we also offer bullet proof windows as an optional add-on feature to our standard booth. Please call us to discuss your needs.

Sometimes we have used booths in inventory which are retiring from rentals; it depends on the time of year and our inventory. Please reach out to see if we have a used booth that suits your needs. Note that the availability and price of refurbished booths vary depending upon the condition, features, inventory, and location.

No, we are not an agent or reseller. We manufacture, sell, and rent our own booths.

We don’t typically purchase back used guard shacks or booths, but we often receive inquiries from people who are looking to purchase a used booth. Thus, we might be able to put you in contact with someone who wants to buy your booth. Feel free to reach out to provide us with photos of your booth, and we can try to match you with a buyer.

We offer free shipping nationwide, but it is the customers’ responsibility to have a forklift or manpower available to offload the mobile portable office unit from the truck. We typically do not offer installation, but our booths are delivered ready to use, with almost no installation work required. You just need to hook up the electric and install the anchoring brackets on the four corners (if this particular add-on feature was included with your order).

All of our booths are available for sale. In addition, we maintain a fleet of 4′ x 4′ and 4′ x 6′ booths that are available for short and long term rentals.

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