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Modular Factory Office

Not all work environments are the same. That is why we work to create functional spaces that allow businesses to complete their job responsibilities without having to worry about distractions. Working in construction, a warehouse, or any other factory setting can prove challenging to stay focused on the task at hand. The surrounding environment may be extreme in temperature, noisy, or otherwise not conducive to work.

With the introduction of our prefab warehouse office, you can now have your self-contained prefab warehouse office tailored to your specific needs without being distracted by the negative aspects of your surroundings.

Choose a modular factory office that actually works with you. Our temperature-controlled workstation booth can work for various circumstances. For example, working in a hot oil field under tumultuous heat calls for a space where your employees can cool down and take breaks as needed to prevent overheating. On the other hand, sometimes you’re working in frigid temperatures in order to keep products fresh, like food-distribution companies, and a heated space can benefit your employees during breaks, allowing them to warm up and prepare to return to work.

These modular offices are able to be customized to create the work setup that will create a productive work environment for your company. Adding a built-in desk with a drawer will provide the proper space for employees to work on while also creating a storage area to keep important documents safe. Need more space? Consider adding a second desk. We can install electricity, breaker panel boxes, data ports, and phone lines in your prefabricated structure to allow you to operate efficiently no matter where you’re located.

Choose a custom factory office that will allow you to do what you do best: organize, assign tasks, and keep employees on the ball. Place your modular warehouse office in a centralized location to communicate with workers easily and monitor their progress in real time. Our modular factory units feature spacious interiors with 360 degrees of visibility, allowing employees to be comfortable and monitor the work area without any issues.

Our modular offices are designed and customized to meet your industry’s needs. Contact us today to learn more about our modular factory office structures.

  • Get to Work

    Choose a modular factory office that actually works with you. Our team will design every aspect of your factory office or portable warehouse offices so that you can be as productive as possible

  • Save Money

    Got a long list of materials to buy? Not only are our portable warehouse offices superior, they're affordable.

  • Stay in Control

    Choose a built-in air conditioning unit if you need a workstation in a hot oil field, or heated baseboards in your walk-in freezer.

  • Cover Up

    Our portable warehouse offices are manufactured with a double layer of durable aluminum panels, providing clean shelter even in dusty environments.

  • Facilitate

    Place your portable warehouse office in a centralized location to communicate with workers and monitor their progress in real time.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, all booths are insulated. We are introducing upgraded PIR insulation that has a better ‘R’ insulation rating, and we plan to maintain XPS insulation as an economic alternative.

No, anchoring down the booth is not a requirement. However, for safety purposes, particularly in states with increased chance of tornadoes, storms, earthquakes, or hurricanes, we recommend that you anchor the booth. In addition, local building codes may require anchoring.

Yes! We are happy to offer custom units designed to your specifications in size, power options, design, and accessories. Designed from a double layer of durable PPGI (pre-painted galvanized iron) sandwich panels and aluminum framing, filled with weather-resistant XPS insulation. You think of it and we will get it done!

Certainly, we can customize a booth with sliding doors. Contact us for a quote to your exact specifications.

We also sell booths in Canada and Mexico, however those countries do have a shipping fee.

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