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Testimonials from our Satisfied Customers

Sonney O.

We bought a 4X6 guard booth for our security guards in a ten story garage and business. Very happy with the quality of work that makes the booth both comfortable for the security guards, and attractive for visitors

Mike G.

Deputy Chief - Greater Shield Security

Called Guardian Booth one week before our busy season for a guard shack for sale, and we got it on time! Such a reliable and trustworthy company

John V.

Cashman Dredging & Marine Contracting Corp.

We have had our guard booth for over four years, and it still looks brand new. I would definitely recommend Guardian Booth to anyone that needs a good booth!

Jake P.

City of Dallas Parking Authority

We are so thankful to Guardian Booth’s sales team that worked with us and helped us figure out what we needed for our booth. We got a fully customized parking booth that has exactly what we needed. It’s almost too good to be true!

Chaim H.

Project Manager - Sapphire Construction

These booths are fabulous! Just purchase three of them for our construction sites. Can’t figure out how we functioned without them!

Deb D.

Marine Terminal Manager - Ports America

We just received our booth last week and saw an amazing difference in our guards, they are so attentive and feel in control with a better view. They don’t stop thanking us for giving them a set place to work from. I recommend everyone to buy these booths for their security guards.

Sharon H.

Operating Manager - Republic Parking

Thank you Guardian Booth for your amazing customer service! We couldn’t believe the swift responses and help we received from your customer service representatives Even after the sale and after our booth was delivered, we really felt like you were there to make things the best for us

Aamer Q.

Guardian Booth is a highly professional business. I just bought two 6X8 security booths for the two entrances to my business. The process was smooth and easy. They understood my needs and guided me through the whole process. I highly recommend them.

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