Prefabricated Guard Booth & Security Booth Boost Safety

Prefabricated Booths Can Maximize Profits in Amusement Parks

Regardless of how well you know your business, when it comes to amusement park management systems and security, you can never learn too much! So, let us try to review a few extra tips and things to consider to make your attraction facility secure and successful!

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“Amusement Parks are big business! And with big business comes big responsibility.”

When running an amusement park, it’s important to assure that customers feel safe, secure, and can easily find what they’re looking for. And a ticket booth in an amusement park can help with that. Whether tickets, food, assistance, or just information, an attendant stationed in a prefabricated booth can assist patrons in resolving their needs for a better experience at the park. Quality control management at an amusement park means controlling both safety and customer satisfaction, and should incorporate security booths at the park entrance, ticket booths next to each attraction, and information booths throughout the venue for the best customer experience.

Running an Amusement Park is Not Easy

While procuring equipment might be a proverbial walk in the amusement park, running the park itself is not an easy task. There are so many things to consider when operating in the entertainment industry. First and foremost is the safety of employees and guests. Although the chance of being injured on an amusement park ride is less than that of being struck by lightning, such statistics should not be used by park management as false reassurance because the high safety profile is only due to the vigilance and consistent maintenance to which park staff is dedicated.

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Keeping Your Event Secure with a Security Booth

Nowadays, it is commonplace for those entering an amusement park to go through a security check involving metal detectors, bag searches, and pat-downs. Posting a guard shack at the entrance to your park offers a convenient space for security personnel to store their equipment and paperwork, as well as providing a safe haven from which to operate. Additionally, the presence of a security booth at the park entrance is a deterrent for crime and offers reassurance and peace of mind to visitors. To add to the spirit of your park, order your amusement park booth with a custom exterior that is bright and exciting.

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Once in the park, guests and staff will be seeking to safeguard their personal possessions, a task to which pay-per-use lockers are well suited. Some options even offer the ability to charge one’s phone, while securing their valuables! Keep your customers safe and happy by outfitting your park entrance with a security booth and offering places to store valuables, sit and relax, meet up with their group, and more.

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Don’t Allow a Security Booth to Ruin Customer Satisfaction

Security is paramount, but proper security, while necessary, should not be unpleasant for customers. Remember that your security personnel represent your company and are often the first face seen by patrons upon entering your park.

  • Guards should be dressed in professional uniform to convey a sense of security, but should maintain a balance and refrain from SWAT gear to not be overly intimidating
  • Security personnel, whether inside the security booth or anywhere on premises, must treat each patron with respect and common courtesy
  • Although they do not possess the same authority as police officers, given certain situations, they are allowed (as is anyone in the general populous) to make a citizen’s arrest
  • Thorough background checks and extensive training can help ensure your security guards are as top-notch as possible in protecting your facilities AND in providing a great customer experience

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Prefab Guard and Ticket Booths Improve Your Operation

Getting back to the topic of amusement parks being big business, it’s not enough to keep your customers safe. It is also imperative that the funds brought in by patrons are secured from potential theft. Making money is, after all, the purpose of amusement park management systems.

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“Having a multitude of portable or permanent booths can help safeguard your profits.”

In addition to positioning a prominent security booth at the amusement park entry area, you might want to have several booth security stations around your attraction facility, including:

  • valet booths in the parking lot
  • information booths at the park entrance
  • ticket booths next to each attraction or vendor
  • security booths throughout the property
  • A larger, out of the way booth for an office
  • food vendor and specific ride booths
  • amusement park booths that are decorated in a way that adds spice and spunk to your park

Of course, securing sensitive customer information, such as credit card slips, and phone numbers or addresses, is important. A theme park ticket booth, with built-in, securely locked desk drawer or safe to house the slips – and cash – adds an extra layer of protection in a guard or ticket booth that will provide your customers with peace of mind. In addition, offering an exterior counter makes it easier for customers to sign their receipts, or fill out information, a convenience they will also appreciate – having the right features for your amusement park ticket booth is important. And ticket booth windows with built-in speaker slots will ease communication between customers and staff.

Know Your Business

Only you know exactly the specific needs of your business, but watching how other similar events operate and reading articles like this can help to bring new ideas forward.

A blue ticket booth with an information sign out front.

As an entrepreneur, you are sure to appreciate the fact that prefabricated booths can be financed or perhaps rented for short term events, so no huge up-front investment is necessary. Booths are a cost effective way to increase visibility, credibility, and security within your event. In today’s day and age, no public attraction should be without at least one security booth. Your outlook on the costs associated with a security booth should be the same as insurance costs – we’d rather spend money on the protection and not come to needing it.

With both permanent and mobile booths available, Guardian Booth offers numerous ways to further your Amusement Park Management System. Traveling performances, carnivals, seasonal productions can all benefit from the addition of one or more prefabricated booths in various capacities. To learn more check out our article on essential features to make your guard booth complete and more details about the security features available in guard booths.

We look forward to servicing your ticket booth amusement park needs! We can offer you various size and styles theme park booth options. If you need one on quick turnaround, our prefabricated booth amusement park booth can likely work within your specifications. Contact us today; we’re glad to help!

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