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While standard booth sizes and their functionality are adequate for many company’s occupancy requirements, not every business can achieve their optimal output within a standard structure. Many of Guardian Booth’s customers require custom structures to meet specific dimension requirements, withstand turbulent winds, provide shelter in harsh weather conditions and/or engineered to meet federal or local structural building codes. This post introduces you to a few special features of these booths.

Features of Custom Booths for Your Business

Guardian Booth can design guard booths, modular mobile offices, warehouse offices equipped with restrooms, portable security trailers and many more based on client requirements. Having said that, these booth types differ in terms of designs, features, and uses. The following are some features that you can include in your custom booths.

  • Security Upgrades: Security personnel working in high risk careers are vulnerable to threats. So, these booths are designed with special security features such as bullet-resistant and tinted glass, cameras, data communication ports, intercoms, and more. We can equip these booths with additional features like blinding lights, gun ports, hard flooring, etc.
    Custom Guard Booth for Securities

Many guard office buildings and portable shacks may be used in a variety of different ways. Including parking attendant boothsticket booths, portable event buildings, information booths, airport security booths, etc. Because our booths are so versatile, we are able to serve a variety of different industries. These booths have specific requirements, and can be upgraded with the following features:

    • Restroom Features: In many commercial enterprises and event venues, the booths may be parked near the entrance to make them accessible to people entering the premises. Sometimes, the restrooms are located in a different area of the venue, which makes it difficult for employees to access during their shift. Guardian Booth can provide booths with restrooms that meet ADA compliance as one of our add-on features.Guard Booth with restroom


    • Solid Walls with Key Hooks for Valets: Some guard shacks or security booths are used as valet booths. Guardian Booth can design valet booths with solid walls and numbered key hooks. Making it easy to keep your keys organized and in a secure location until the owner returns for their vehicle.Temperature Controlled Guard Booths


    • Temperature-control Features: It doesn’t matter if a business uses a permanent booth or a modular mobile office, the temperature control is essential in all scenarios. Depending on the location and weather conditions of the work environment, these temperature controlled booths can be equipped with heaters and A/C units. Guardian Booth can provide one singular unit, whether you need heat or A/C more, or a combination of heater and AC units. Allowing comfort for your employees no matter what type of weather conditions they face.Temperature Controlled Guard Booths


    • Transaction Slots: The ticket booths with transaction slots and speaker-holes are used in casinos, theme parks and major league stadiums nationwide. Making it easier for employees and customers to communicate effectively and decrease wait times for those needing to purchase tickets for an event.Security Guard Booths with Transaction Slots


  • Customized Finishes: Colorful modular mobile offices parked at the entrance of any premise is sure to draw attention. Customizing such booths with glossy, vinyl wraps can improve their aesthetic appeal, as well as boost their utility. Make your business and booth stand out amongst the competition with logos and graphic designs.
    Customized Finished Guard Booths


At Guardian Booth, we are committed to delivering custom booths of the highest quality to meet your business’s needs. Whatever kinds of structure you need, we can create a booth or prefab structure with custom features that work for you. Contact us today to learn more about our custom booth options.

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