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Five Ways Portable Security Booths Help Boost the Safety of Your People and Premises

Security guards are common in residential areas, business and office parks, and industrial zones. They protect people and property from intrusions. Security guards spend most of their work time keeping an eye on the property. Sometimes these working hours may extend to ten- or twelve-hour shifts. These long hours place a greater level of importance on comfort and accessibility when purchasing a security booth. An additional factor that goes into purchasing a security booth is the need to protect guards from the elements. Prefab security booths with mobile features are the perfect fit for meeting not only the needs of security but also the facility’s operational needs over the course of a year. Continue reading to learn more about how mobile security booths or security guard sheds can add value to your security arrangements and benefit your business and security guards.

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Mobile Security Booths: 5 Ways They Can Transform Security for Your Organization

  • Safety: A security guard booth provides such value when it comes to the safety of corporate employees, hospital staff, airport travelers, stadium goers, and so on. The ability to have mobile security offices is very important when businesses need flexibility in their placement over the course of the year due to inclement weather, or because their operational needs are continuously evolving. Generally, portable security booths are designed and developed keeping these aspects in mind. The wheels on these booths provide businesses flexibility, while the durable materials used for building these structures help keep security guards safe.
  • Comfort: Many security companies operate in a shift-like procedure where guards may spend long stints keeping watch over a property or providing security to human life. Comfort is a critical component to drive the security guard’s ability to be alert and focused. Our security guard shacks have several features such as a workstation with a built-in desk and drawer and a large sliding window to make communication easy and prevent claustrophobia. You can also add built-in air conditioners or heated baseboards and restrooms to the guard’s shack to boost the comfort level and functionality.
  • Convenience: Flatbed or trailered security booths allow security firms or internal security guards the ability to move the facility around based on the operational requirement with just one simple hookup with a pickup truck (in most cases). Most guard shack structures are portable; however, they typically are laid on slabs and then require a forklift to move when necessary. This requires additional operator training and equipment. Trailered guard booths eliminate those additional resources.
  • Upgraded Security: Having a well-equipped security booth 24/7 at your facility is always a good idea. However, you can further upgrade the security of your premises by improving the actual security of your guard with bullet-resistant mylar.
  • Keeping Guards Active and Awake: Alert security personnel are critical to having secure premises. However, employees who work long hours and late at night may find themselves more fatigued and less alert. To avoid this, businesses can customize their security guard booths with additional features such as brighter internal LED lights, extensive external floodlights, and an additional powered drawer space that allows the company to store and charge wearable anti-sleep alarm units during the day.

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Can you afford to jeopardize the security of your people and property? The immediate answer is no. Safety is always one of the top priorities an organization has and is always worth investing in. At Guardian Booth, we manufacture high-quality standard and custom security guard shacks. These booths focus on multidimensional aspects of your organizational safety – protecting your security guards against the elements, keeping them active and alert throughout their duty time, offering them comfort and convenience to perform their job to the best of their efforts, and offering you the best value for your investment! In addition to commercial properties and residences, these security booths work the best for event venues, sports arenas, and many areas where a high level of security may be required. Contact our experts today to discuss your security guard booth requirements. They are always happy to help you with the right selection.