Guardian Booth Provides Temperature Controlled Prefabricated Guard Booths for All Weather Conditions

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Temperature Controlled Prefabricated Guard Booths for All Weather Conditions

Temperature Controlled Prefabricated Guard Booth
Prefabricated booths are often used as security booths in many organizations. Nowadays, they are used in innovative ways across various industries. Prefabricated booths can be customized with many features including: air conditioners, fans, heaters, lighting systems, and more, depending on the temperature control requirement. Temperature and humidity-controlled rooms are essential when security people work for prolonged periods. Although prefabricated guard booths with temperature control features aren’t new, only a few manufacturers specialize in it. Guardian Booth stands tall among them. This post discusses how we help our clients build temperature-controlled prefabricated guard booths or temperature-controlled buildings.

Temperature and Humidity Controlled Rooms Designed by Guardian Booth

Appropriate temperature and comfort are essential in the design of prefabricated security booths as their application areas span from stadiums, airports, clean rooms, storage units, amusement parks, construction sites, to industrial unit premises, plus many more. They are used by employees such as security guards, ticket counter staff, customer service representatives, construction site workers and supervisors, and others. All these employees need to be comfortable throughout their work day. Employers also need to make sure they comply with OSHA guidelines pertaining to heat stress, cold, smoke exhaust, and more. Here is how we have helped our clients control heat and cold in prefabricated structures over the years.

  • Baseboard Heaters: These heaters are usually mounted on the walls of the booth and connected to the electrical system. We have successfully implemented them in warm-up booths used in large warehouses and cold areas to keep employees warm. After this, many of our clients have reported a boost in employee morale, performance, and productivity.
    Security Booth with Baseboard Heaters
  • Built-in AC Units: We can outfit AC units in prefabricated guard booths, cool-down booths, or temperature-controlled storage. These AC units are sometimes combined with heaters to create temperature controlled clean rooms and work areas.
    Security Booth with Built-in AC Units
  • Insulated Walls: We can deliver temperature controlled prefabricated security booths with insulated walls on special request. These walls help protect guards and other booth users from outer high temperatures. Prefabricated guard booths outfitted with insulated booths have been widely used in regions or operating environments where humidity can be a big concern for people working long hours.
    Security Booth with Insulated Walls
  • Exhaust Fans: Every year, we process several requests for installing exhaust fans in warehouses and work areas with a humid climate. These exhaust fans help remove heat and circulate airflow, improving employee comfort.
     Security Booth with Exhaust Fans

Prefabricated structures that can have a temperature-controlled feature built into the structure will take your enterprise to the next level of efficiency, professionalism, and comfort. Whether it is a security booth, ticket booth, clean room, or an extra office space we can create the structure best suited for you. This feature doesn’t have to break the bank either. Guardian Booth designs, builds, and customizes such prefabricated structures with temperature control and other features that will allow for a more positive experience for both management and its employees. We thoroughly understand our client’s application needs and work hard to deliver. We have designed and delivered prefabricated booths for various uses across different industries. Looking to get a structure designed to meet your company’s needs? Contact us today for more information.

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