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How Prefabricated Security Booths Are Utilized Creatively across Industries

There are several benefits of prefabricated structures. You can get them made with custom specifications to meet your facility’s needs, no matter what industry your company is operating in. Of all the applications, prefabricated guard booths or prefabricated security booths are the most widely used booth types throughout the construction industry, within airports, and at stadiums and event venues. Outside of security needs, you may require these prefabricated structures for other uses such as educational privacy pods or modular offices within a distribution center. This post discusses how these prefab security booths benefit these businesses at various levels.

How Different Business Segments Can Benefit from Prefab Guard Booths

Prefabricated guard booths are portable structures that are manufactured within a controlled environment and provide flexibility in placement, as they can be moved over time to adapt to your company’s needs. This is one of the major benefits. However, prefabricated structures go beyond mere security booths and can be used by businesses to provide additional benefits. Here are some pointers regarding how business segments such as manufacturing, construction, airports, and stadiums or open venues for events may benefit from incorporating prefabricated guard shacks in innovative ways by modifying and custom-building them to suit their specifications.

  • Manufacturing Facilities: Aside from providing security, manufacturing plants utilize prefabricated guard shacks as mobile offices for production managers and value-stream coordinators to oversee employee production while maintaining an office on the manufacturing floor. These structures can also be extended as warehouse or storage areas in manufacturing facilities. Portable modular offices have become an efficient way to oversee manufacturing, coming with great cost savings, tax benefits, and reduced lead times compared to traditional builds.

Prefabricated Guard Booth, Portable Modular Offices

  • Construction Areas: Prefab guard booths are incredibly common in construction areas for security and so much more. These prefabricated structures are bustling with construction workers, site foremen, project leads, architects, and business representatives. A well-designed prefabricated booth customized with air conditioning and/or heating units and restrooms will allow construction workers, no matter their position, the ability to be comfortable while on location. For additional security, cameras and floodlights can be installed, allowing a broader overview of the job site.

Prefabricated Guard Shack, Custom Prefab Booth

  • Airports: Prefabricated security booths are used in multiple ways to accommodate the many airport logistics that are required to keep travelers safe and in motion while accommodating their varying needs. For instance, they may be used as a guard house, ticket booth, toll booth, information kiosk, mobile booth, observation tower, valet booth, or equipment enclosure. Furthermore, they can be used as privacy pods, private breastfeeding rooms, and concession stands.

Prefab Guard Booth, Airport Security Booth

  • Stadiums: Prefabricated structures provide innumerable benefits when operating a stadium. Large stadiums and arenas can host tens of thousands of people in a day. Between sports events and concerts, some stadiums require 100 booths or more for security, ticketing, cash counters, food counters, and more. In fact, Guardian Booth is a proud supplier of the NFL, MLB, and NBA.

Prefab Security Booth, Stadium Security Booth, Stadium Guard Booth, Stadium Guard Shack

  • Outdoor Events: Expansive parks hosting large outdoor functions such as concert venues, horse races, and NASCAR are outfitted with custom security to keep park attendees safe and, many times, fed! Beyond providing security, Guardian Booth’s security booths are a great way for the property’s logistical and operational managers to plan and change their concession stand locations, bathrooms, and ticketing kiosks to drive traffic specific to each venue.

Prefab Guard Shack, Parking Attendent Booth, Ticketing Kiosks

The applications of such prefabricated security booths go beyond their name, and they can be a world in themselves, comprising all the comforts and utilities one needs. Business segments such as airports, stadiums, parks, and construction would definitely benefit from installing these prefabricated structures as security booths, ticket counters, restrooms, rooms for relaxation, concession stands, breastfeeding pods, and so on. You can apply innovation to make the best use of these structures. Ensure that you partner with a reliable player in this segment who makes comfortable, durable, and well-ventilated prefab structures and also specializes in customization.

Prefab Ticket Booth

Guardian Booth offers end-to-end and custom solutions to make prefabricated portable buildings or structures after understanding your application requirements. Our structures are weatherproof, have 360-degree visibility, and can be equipped with built-in desks among many other features. We have been delivering high-quality security guard booths, parking attendant booths, portable security booths, ticket booths, gas station attendant booths, cashier booths, modular factory offices, portable office trailers, equipment enclosures, and more. We can customize these prefabricated structures with add-on features like exterior electrical disconnection switches, baseboard heaters, tinted windows, breaker panel boxes, and so on. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.