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Portable Security Booth Designed With You in Mind

What do you need from a mobile guard shack? We believe the answer to that question depends entirely on your business needs.

With a focus on security, efficacy, and professional appearance, we’ve collected feedback from other business owners just like you, and our portable security booths reflect that.

Regardless of size or custom features needed, our research and design team at Guardian Booth will manufacture a portable booth that does exactly what you need it to do for your construction site or large property.

All for a price you can actually afford.

Our customizable workstations feature large, spacious interiors with 360° of sunlight, visibility, and ventilation; perfect for working a full shift. Each comes with a built-in desk and drawer for organization. You can have a second one installed if you like.

Available built-in air conditioners and baseboard heaters provide maximum comfort, while professionally installed electricity, breaker panel boxes, data ports and phone lines allow you to operate just like any other business.

Add four caster wheels with lockable brakes to your 4×4 or 4×6 portable office to make moving around the job site or warehouse incredibly easy. Order our flatbed trailer booth to make moving around the job site or property incredibly easy. Monitor and manage employees and visitors anywhere you want.

Let us design a portable guard shack with your specific needs in mind.


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  • Move Around

    Monitor and manage employees from our portable security booth. Move around the job site or property with a flatbed trailer booth.

  • Relax

    Our workstations feature large, spacious interiors; perfect for working a full shift.

  • Breathe

    Offer maximum climate control by adding a built-in air conditioner or heated baseboards.

  • Enjoy the View

    Our portable booths feature a large sliding window to prevent claustrophobia and make communication easy.

  • Have a Seat

    Each workstation comes equipped with a built-in desk and drawer.

  • Stay Connected

    Our portable booths come with everything you need to operate efficiently, including electricity for your computer and printer.

Recommended Features

Duplex Ethernet Port and Phone Line


  • Have the conduit and wiring installed so your IT department can set up data and phone lines in the booth.
  • This package includes the conduit and boxes for a duplex Ethernet port and phone line.



  • Keep employees cool on the hottest job sites by adding warranty-protected air conditioners to your portable offices.
  • All units feature a digital screen, remote control, and separate power outlet.

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