Reasons Why Ordering a Prefabricated Portable Office May Make Sense

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Three Reasons to Order a Prefabricated Portable Office

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Your business is growing exponentially and it’s time to move or expand. The pandemic has been good to your business, but the staff is on top of each other and work is suffering. Or you need a special place inside the warehouse for meetings, sensitive equipment or even smoking areas.

Traditional construction is going to take months; meanwhile, you need a place to keep things moving. These are just a few reasons why ordering a prefabricated office may make sense in your unique situation. But there are plenty of reasons why prefab is better in a more general sense. Let’s dive into a few of those now.

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Your Time is Money

The pandemic has caused disruption and change to the way things are accomplished across the board. Sometimes, it seems that nothing is as it was and we are left wondering if it ever will be what we remember. The construction and building business has not been immune. The confusion and disorder comes from factors affecting us all: skilled labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, increasing costs of materials and even, in some cases, climate change.

There’s always been a little bit of uncertainty when it comes to a finished date for new construction. After all, contractors cannot be held responsible for weather delays. And there may be a clause built into your contract that allows for some financial recompense if your project is substantially delayed. But is that going to be enough to pay for your valuable time?

In today’s new normal, the delay may be more than a tiny bit. If a contractor must delay a project due to rising costs of materials or a supply chain shortage, his skilled crew of electricians and carpenters probably isn’t going to wait around for him to find a workaround. So, when and if he or she is ready to resume the project, finding well-regarded subcontractors could be an issue, possibly delaying the project even more.

There isn’t much you can do in this situation. You cannot physically go and construct your project yourself. You cannot change the weather. You are either in it to the end or you may have to invest another chunk of change to try and salvage the situation. But with a prefab building, you most likely won’t be dealing with any of these situations at all.

Your prefab office is built in a climate-controlled facility, so weather won’t be an issue. Most fabricators order their materials in bulk, since the same freight is used for many projects, so supply chain issues aren’t a problem. And since prefab workers are consistently employed, they are there every day to finish the orders.

When you choose to order a prefab portable office to handle your needs, you won’t be stuck wasting time – and money – while events out of your control are happening. Due to weather control and pre-planned material ordering, it can take less than half the time as a regular stick-built building.

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Saving Your Money – and the Environment

If you are comparing apples to apples, you will notice right away that after all is said and done, ordering a prefab portable office to solve your needs is cheaper than a stick-built construction project. Let’s look at the numbers:

  1. There’s a modular solution for every budget. If you need something temporarily while building your business up, you don’t need to spend a lot of money constructing something that may not be big enough in one or two years. If you’ve already found success, there are custom, prefab buildings that are stunning. And you can move your prefab office anytime you need to change locations.
  2. Overall, experts agree that going with prefab vs stick-built can save you anywhere from 10 to 25 percent in cost. That’s because prefab builders order in bulk and can pass that savings down.

Traditional construction kind of sucks for the environment for many reasons, including those receptacles full of leftover materials that go directly to the landfill. We’ve all seen a construction site: lots of small pieces of lumber, roofing materials, paint cans, buckets, screws and more that end up in the dumpster.

Another issue is the kicked up particles at the building site and the residual dust and other pollution that not only clog the air while the build is happening, but may actually affect neighbors and residents long term. Additionally, prefab construction results in tighter seams and joints, which let in less environmental irritants, plus make it more efficient and therefore cheaper to heat and cool. Overall, prefab buildings are far better for the wallet – and the environment.


In today’s ever-changing environment, having the ability to be flexible will take you a long way. When you order a prefab, portable office, the good news is that you have added an additional layer of flexibility to your business plan. Let’s jump back to the beginning and look at a few scenarios:

  1. Your game-changing business is growing rapidly and you need office space next to or within your warehouse space. You need a weather controlled office where you can be more organized and efficient. That is an ideal situation to order a small, portable prefab office that you can augment your existing location to better suite your needs. And remember, prefab buildings are built to utilize energy at a really economical level.
  2. Again, your business has gone from mid-size to rapidly growing. Your admin staff is now 4, where it used to be 2. They’re working on top of each other and it’s highly inefficient. Additionally, you are considering hiring one or two salespeople. Where will everybody fit? You don’t really have time to building – and rentals in the area are outrageous, not to mention hard to find. With a larger portable offices, you can easily accommodate your personnel – and have an asset you can sell when you outgrow it.
  3. You’ve landed a contract and have a temporary need for office space. Now what? You’ll need somewhere to house your people and putting a prefab portable office building on the site will also allow you to keep a close eye on the construction.

The awesome flexibility of ordering a prefab, portable office building not only allows you to get it now, but sell it later when you need to move into something larger.

In the long run, there are many reasons why you may want to consider a prefab, portable office building, including saving money, helping to save the environment and increased flexibility. At Guardian Booth, we have experts who can help you make the right decision based on your unique challenges. Contact us today for a free quote!

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