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The Benefits of an In Plant Modular Office

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Are you having trouble focusing on work in your current office space because you don’t have enough privacy? Have you outgrown your old office space but don’t have the money for a new office construction? There is another option!

An in plant modular office can provide supervisors with the ability to watch workers while still providing a quiet workspace away from the noise and mess of a production floor.

Modular offices take less time to build and provide all the benefits of a traditional office. If you’re tired of your inefficient workspace, you should consider an in plant office instead. Let’s look at all the benefits you could be experiencing right now.

What Is an Inplant Office?

An in plant (or in-plant) modular office is slightly different from a traditional office. It’s a manufactured structure you can place within a plant or warehouse. This type of modular office is meant to serve as a working space for supervisors, away from the noise of operations.

Modular factory offices are pre-fab structures that you can customize to fit specific needs. You can fit them with AC units for hot locations or a heater for cold environments. These office units have desks for computers, printers, or other equipment. They also have plenty of space inside for a project manager to store paperwork.

Similar in structure to outdoor security shacks, these indoor modular offices allow the project manager to perform their work while keeping an eye on all employees.

So, what are the benefits of an in plant office? Should you consider getting one? Let’s take a look at all the advantages.

Fast to Build

Modular offices may only take a few days to build, and a few weeks to deliver. That means you can have it delivered to your location and ready to go in far less time than it would take with a traditionally constructed office.

Why are modular offices so quick to build? These are pre-fab structures that can be put together both quickly and efficiently. Depending on your needs, in plant modular offices can be put together in around 4-6 weeks (depending on the add-ons requested.)

Saving time on construction means saving money.

Cheaper Than a Traditional Office

When installing a modular office in your plant or factory, you save big on renovation costs since you’re not building from the ground up. Operations can continue as normal as your modular office goes in, meaning you don’t have to halt production or disrupt your employees.

Also, you know what to expect cost-wise from the beginning, and there are no hidden fees or surprises when you opt for a modular office.

Plus, you can save more investing in a modular office rather than moving. If you think you’ve outgrown your current office space, a modular office can provide the solution you need.

Increased Efficiency

One of the major benefits of a modular office building is that it increases workplace efficiency all around.

For one, you don’t have to worry about dust or dirt ruining your computers. You can keep all sensitive equipment in the office to protect it and the data stored on your computers.

Also, did you know that excessive noise can impact productivity? Loud and disruptive noises can make it difficult to focus on your work. Modular offices provide a quieter space, helping you to tune out the sounds of production.

Not only does it provide a quieter space for administrators, but it also serves as a more private place to talk with employees and clients. A modular office creates a professional space while remaining open enough for communication with workers.

Plus, you can adjust the temperature of these offices with built-in air conditioners or heating, allowing for maximum comfort.

Total Flexibility

Although these are manufactured structures, that doesn’t mean you can’t customize them. In fact, in plant modular offices have many upgrades you can consider.

You can choose different colors with a vinyl protective wrap, which also protects the structure from scratches and damage. Another option is to get a custom exterior design. You can display your logo or any important information you want.

How about temperature control? Baseboard heaters keep booths warm, even in cold environments. AC units can help keep you cool, even in the sweltering heat.

Do you need a little extra privacy? You can always opt for tinted windows.

There is almost no limit to the add-ons you can install. It’s even possible to add extra doors and a restroom if needed. If you have a very specific vision in mind for an office, reach out to the company and ask for a quote.


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Offers Everything a Traditional Office Does

A modular office space does deliver everything that a traditional office has at a fraction of the cost. Thanks to the flexibility of customization, you can create the space that you need to focus while also keeping an eye on all employees.

Modular offices provide supervisors with a more private work environment, including walls, windows, and a door. All units have a desk, and you can add more than one if necessary. With upgrades like air conditioning, heating, Ethernet ports, and phone lines, project managers have everything they need to manage operations.

You can bring all the equipment you need to manage work, including computers, printers, phones, storage solutions, and more.

No Need for Micromanagement

Micromanagement is one of the top complaints employees have when discussing their bosses. Micromanaging employees can actually harm productivity and job satisfaction. And yet, you still need to keep an eye on everything and make sure operations continue as usual.

How can you balance employee comfort while maintaining efficiency?

Well, in plant modular offices have windows on all sides, providing maximum visibility. This means you can keep an eye on employees without it seeming like you’re constantly hovering over them.

You can still spot mistakes and correct them early on, which will help maintain or improve quality control. You can supervise employees and ensure everything progresses smoothly without interrupting their work. Knowing you can keep an eye on operations even when you’re not on the floor with them may help keep employees from slacking off as well, which can boost productivity.

You can also look for workers doing a particularly good job and offer them encouragement and praise. This can help boost worker morale.


When you construct an office from the ground up, you can’t move it around. However, with modular offices, you can place them wherever you need. There is less hassle involved if you need to move to another building, or even another location in your warehouse or plant.

These structures also don’t take up much space, and depending on the size you need, you can fit them almost anywhere.


Instead of creating a workstation in your warehouse or plant, you can have a dedicated office space. Not only does it improve efficiency and productivity, but it also looks professional.

There are plenty of uses for modular office spaces, including providing an area you can meet with clients or workers. These insulated spaces are more private, making it easier to have a conversation without the disturbances of loud noises or dust.

Modular offices also improve communication and help make a safer environment. If an accident happens, for example, supervisors can see everything from their office and take prompt action to control the situation.

Making the Most of a Modular Office

Now that you know some of the biggest benefits, how else can you make the most of a modular office? Well, you should start by checking out our list of tips concerning furniture, layout, and more.

While these are small spaces, that doesn’t mean you can’t make them work. By planning around the space and considering furniture and storage solutions for small rooms, you can maximize the efficiency of your office.

Multi-purpose pieces meant for small spaces are best. For instance, make the file storage cabinet a printer stand as well. Think vertical and use shelving. Consider a mobile monitor, a standing desk, or a smaller laptop.

You should also give your office personality and make it comfortable. Choose a comfy chair, and add a decoration or two that you like. Make this space work for you.

Installing More Than One Office Space

Pre-fab offices are ideal as workspaces, but there are other uses, as well. Why not make one into a break room for you and your workers, a training space to help train new employees, or a control room? You could even use one as a meeting space to talk with your team.

Inplant offices offer clean and quiet spaces, which can serve as an excellent escape from the noise of the factory. Whatever your needs are for your factory or warehouse, you can create an in plant office space that works for you.

Even providing another office space (or several) is easy since these manufactured units are mobile and take up little room in the factory. It’s simple and cost-effective to install as many as you need to fit your purposes. Create an office for each supervisor or upgrade the office space they currently have for maximum efficiency.

Ready to Order an Inplant Modular Office?

If you need a more efficient workspace in your facility, our in plant modular office is the solution you need. These insulated, customizable spaces are perfect for supervisors that need to keep an eye on workers while also focusing on their tasks. Not only do they keep dust and noise out, but they’re temperature-controlled for optimal comfort.

No matter your needs, we’ll help you create a quality office space. Reach out and get a quote today to get started crafting your in plant modular office.


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