5 Ways a Custom Factory Office Provides Versatility and Savings

Want to Cut Expenses? Purchase a Custom Factory Office Instead of Moving

Do you really need a custom factory office to get your work done? Maybe. Maybe not. Let’s consider how you work, because every person, company, environment, and job is different.
Many Americans work in an office building, doing mostly computer and paperwork all day long. But you may be a leader in a factory, warehouse, valet parking business, or some other industry where paperwork is not the focus of your work. You are out on the floor supervising people, ensuring things get done, and moving around in a more industrial, or at least not “officey” environment.
You may be a good candidate for a modular office. If you wonder whether you need to buy work booth or modular office, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do I have paperwork to file and files to maintain?
  2. Do I need to make phone calls, conduct job interviews, or meet with employees?
  3. Are there computer programs that I have to use or things I need to print?
  4. Do I need a desk to sit at while I get the tedious desk work of being a supervisor done?
  5. Do I have private files and equipment that I need to secure?
  6. Is working from home not an option? 
  7. Is our budget too tight to rent office space in a nearby building?
  8. Is it hard to concentrate at an open desk on the work floor, and would I get more done if I were in a quieter, private space?

If you answered yes to even four or five of these questions, then buying a custom factory office may be the right choice for you. While paperwork and other “office” activities may not be exciting, it is often necessary. And having a quiet, efficient space to do those things frees up more time for the other work you need to do outside of the office.

Office booth with door open and computer on

For some people, renting office space in an office building some distance from their warehouse or facility is a good practice. It gives them private time to get work done, without the distractions of workers coming and going. But you may need to be right on site to deal with problems that arise. Or you may not want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars a month just renting space and getting little in return for those factory expenses. This is when buying your own portable office may be a wise investment.
Let’s consider some questions about portable offices you might have

1. Do I really need to rent an office to get my paperwork and such done?

It depends. Do you spend more than an hour a day on paperwork? Are you content doing your paperwork on a clipboard while you stand, or at a makeshift desk in a noisy room? Do you ever feel that you spend more time doing paperwork that is necessary simply because you cannot concentrate or are constantly interrupted? An office would help with all these issues.

2. Is buying a modular factory office cost-effective?

Modular offices are premade in a factory to exacting standards. But because they are produced in a controlled environment, they can be done quickly and inexpensively. You can buy your own office, perfectly sized to fit in your own parking lot, warehouse, or other building, probably for less than renting an office in the city for just a year!

Blue booth in warehouse

3. Will a pre-built office have the space I need to get my work done?

Prebuilt, modular office units come in a variety of sizes. You can find some from a small, 4×4 single person unit to larger units that can hold most of your staff. The size you need is the size you can buy. In addition, your office can be built to fit your space. You can slide it under a large stock shelf, like in the photo above, tuck it into a dark corner that isn’t being used, place it in the center of the floor, or put it in the parking lot – it’s all about what space you have and what works for you.

4. Can’t I just put a desk in a corner of my warehouse or workspace and work from there?

Yes. You can. Maybe. But do you want to? Think about it… you can just put a desk in the corner of the warehouse, sure. But you will have no privacy. It will be loud. You will have to be very careful to lock up private papers at all times.
And is it even safe? If there is sound pollution, chemicals, or other hazards in the workplace, having a separate space would be both more comfortable and safer.
But really, it depends on your needs. If you spend less than an hour doing paperwork each day, and you almost never need to meet privately with employees, a simple desk stuffed into a dark corner might work just fine. If you can run electricity to it, fit your computer, and equip it with all that you need, it’s definitely an option to consider.

Inside modular office with computer and chair

5. Is a mobile office comfortable?

Yes. A mobile office booth can be a very comfortable work station for you. Working somewhere where you often need to look at large paper plans and files spread all over a table? Keep your mobile office open with just a simple, large table in the middle to spread out the work, and a cabinet in the corner.
Need to have a secretary working with you? No problem. Larger booths can accommodate multiple employees and desk space. Built in counters or storage cabinets can do double duty as desks and other workspaces.
Have some other specific need? You can add a variety of custom factory office enhancements, accessories and add-ons for usefulness and comfort. Everything from lighting to electrical outlets to cash registers to computers can all be built into your office right at the factory. This means that at soon as the prebuilt office is delivered you can step through the door, make yourself comfortable, and get to work!

Guardian Booth, expert provider of prefabricated booths, is a great place to buy a work booth that can upgrade your work environment and improve your efficiency. Check in with them to see if there are any used modular offices for sale near you that you can easily acquire.

Large blue modular office with seven windows

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