Learn How Prefabricated Structures are Important For Warehouse Logistics

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Guardian Booth Prefabricated Structures are Important for Warehouse Logistics

Prefabricated Structures for Warehouse Logistics

Safe, secure, and expansive warehouses are vital to the supply chain industry. Having said that, these storage areas are also vulnerable to physical security threats like vandalism and theft.
Warehouses are implementing multiple safety measures to neutralize threats, and implementing security booths is one of them. Guardian Booth has been designing and delivering secure prefabricated structures that not only keep your warehouse facility safe but also can serve as a functional workspace for warehouse employees. This post discusses how these warehouse security booths and prefabricated structures from Guardian Booth help warehouses to stay secure and increase productivity that will optimize their supply chain for better results.

What to Expect From Warehouse Structures Offered by Guardian Booth

Warehouse structures from Guardian Booth are installed in various warehouse, distribution, and manufacturing facilities across the US. The following features make them a favorite among our customers.

  • Customizable: Standard booths may be easily available, but can they meet your needs? Guardian Booth designs each of our prefabricated structures with functionality and efficiency in mind. Making it the ideal workspace for each business regardless of the industry they work in. These structures can be customized in terms of aesthetics, security, and function. The personnel guarding the entry points of these warehouses must be secured against any potential threats. We can incorporate our tinted glass, or LED spotlights into your booth. Security is crucial, but what about a designated workspace? We can design and customize one of our modular offices, or in-plant buildings to be a functional and quiet workspace, all in a central location on your warehouse floor.
    Customizable Security Booths
  • Mobile: Warehouses cover several acres of property. Meaning there are a lot of areas to cover and monitor on a daily basis. Guardian Booth can provide mobile security booths or portable warehouse offices. Allowing your prefabricated structures to move with you throughout the facility. So, you can now monitor multiple entry points of your warehouse facility to make sure no unwanted people enter the property, or monitor and meet with your employees with a mobile office space. These are provided with locking wheels, so you can keep your structure in place until you are ready to move to the next location.
  • Comfortable: Factory and warehouse spaces can get extremely hot or cold. Especially if there is a product that you are working with that needs to stay at a certain temperature. For example, working with frozen foods means you need to keep the product cold and fresh until it reaches the consumer. Provide your employees with a proper space to warm up and take breaks throughout the day. Our temperature-controlled prefabricated structures are a great option for warehouse spaces. You can add an A/C unit or baseboard heat to these structures. Show your employees you care with a simple solution.
    Temperature Controlled Booth
  • Functional: Working in loud and distracting conditions can make it difficult to find a space dedicated to looking at important data and shipping information that is crucial to the day-to- day operations of your warehouse. We can create a functional prefabricated structure that will make for the perfect office environment without having to leave the warehouse floor. We can include a desk, data ports for a phone line and internet connection, and a bathroom. Keeping everything you need in a secure area, allowing you to get your work done without having to leave your modular office space.
    Modular Office Booths


Expect more from your warehouse security booths and prefabricated structures. At Guardian Booth, we can serve you and your needs accordingly. Allowing you to maintain an efficient and secure warehouse to meet the demands of the supply chain industry. Contact our experts today to learn more about our prefabricated structure options.

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