Know How Prefabricated Structures from Guardian Booth Meets Miami-Dade NOA?

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Guardian Booth Offers Prefabricated Structures That Meet Miami-Dade NOA

Prefabricated Structures That Meet Miami-Dade NOA
Florida is the southernmost state in the US. Certain areas in the state like Broward and Miami-Dade County are classified as high hurricane areas. As a result, the structures in these areas need to be built in order to meet the codes of high-velocity hurricane zones (HVHZ). This HVHZ is a rating for areas where hurricanes are most common, and this code is synonymous with Florida. If you live or operate in either of these areas, which is designated as HVHZ, you need to use products that meet the requirements of these codes. Be informed, these codes are necessary for permanent and prefabricated structures.

Like any other business, it is pretty obvious that you may want to invest in prefabricated structures that improve the visibility and security of your premises and resources. If you plan to invest in prefabricated structures such as guard booths, modular mobile offices, guard shacks, security buildings, portable guard buildings, or modular warehouses, we can help you. Guardian Booth provides prefabricated structures that meet the Florida Building Codes (FBC) requirements. What are the specific features of these booths? Do they meet the Notice of Acceptance (NOA)? Read this post to find the answers you are searching for and learn more about the important terminologies of HVHZ.

HVHZ and Important Terminologies Discussed

High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) is also known as the Dade County Code. The structures designed in this area must withstand high wind or design pressure (DP) and demand stringent anchoring. For most other parts of Florida, the structures must meet Florida Building Code (FBC).

  • Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance: The Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance is a product approval required to meet the code criteria in the HVHZ as per the FBC.
  • Product Testing: Some products need to meet the statewide Florida Product Approval, which shows that the product can be used in all areas including HVHZ. They are tested similarly to a product with Miami-Dade NOA and are compliant with Florida Building Codes.

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How Do Guardian Booth Prefabricated Structures Meet Miami-Dade NOA?

All our prefabricated structures; including a prefabricated guard house, prefabricated security cabins, modular mobile offices, modular warehouse offices, guard shack enclosures, portable guard buildings, and many other of our structures are designed to meet the FBC compliance.

  • First, these structures are built using specialized windows, skylights, exterior doors, shutters, roofing, panel walls, and structural components.
  • The structures feature panels, which are manufactured using metal sheets of high gauge; can easily withstand high wind gusts during a hurricane.
  • These structures have high R values, which when combined with other features discussed above have helped receive a Notice of Acceptance (NOA).

Prefabricated Structures with FBC compliance
Safety is our priority. All of our prefabricated structures meet the FBC compliance as well as assure high safety and security to users. They are equipped with tinted windows, which help mask employee movements while assuring a 360-degree view which will help raise situational awareness. Additionally, they are equipped with features like exterior lighting, which helps illuminate the property, as well as shatter-resistant glass, which assures these structures stay intact when high wind gusts blow.

We can provide additional security features upon request. Our HVHZ-compliant prefabricated structures have been successfully installed across manufacturing facilities, airports, construction sites, stadiums, and other areas across Florida and the US. Do you have any specific requirements for a certain prefabricated structure for your Florida facility? We can help you effectively. Please get in touch with our team today to discuss your requirements.

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