Know the Difference Between Airport Security Booths and Standard Security Booths

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Airport Security Booths

People are always traveling to their next destination. Whether that be for family vacations, business trips, or reuniting with a loved one back home after time apart. The one thing that people care about the most when traveling is that they stay safe until they reach their destination. That is why airport security checks are so important. They help keep flight officials, travelers, and air personnel safe. Airport security or guard booths are the first level of security checks at airports. They may look like regular standard security booth. However, they are designed with special requirements and safety features, as compared to standard security booths used in commercial enterprises.

Guardian Booth designs and manufactures airport security booths for use within different areas within an airport facility. How do we differ from other guard booth manufacturers? How do airport security booths differ from regular security booths at commercial enterprises? Learn more in this blog post.

The difference between Airport Security Booths and Standard Security Booths?

Airport security breaches are rare in the United States. However, it is important to prevent any possible breaches from occurring. That is why agencies such as the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) perform regular security checks of personnel and their belongings before entering into the boarding area of the airport.

When flying through private airport facilities, especially military bases or government airports, security measures need to be enforced. This can feature implementing a security guard booth that is used to monitor traffic inflow at the airport. Monitoring individuals entering and exiting the airport is a top priority. That is why it is important to have a proper security guard booth that can help you accomplish just that. The following pointers will help you understand how these booths differ from regular commercial booths.

  • Tinted Windows:  These windows offer a secure view of activities to a guard sitting inside, while remaining oblivious to a trespasser. Tinted windows help block harmful UV rays and reduce eye fatigue.
  • Bullet-Resistant: The bullet-resistant construction adds an extra layer of security to a booth. They help prevent any damages that could be caused by weapons ranging from handguns to automatic assault weapons.

    Bullet-Resistant Guard Booths

Why Choose Guardian Booth’s Airport Security Booths

The following features are what make our airport security booths different:

    • 360-degree View: Our security booths offer a full 360-degree view. They help staff members gain an overview of people and premises when they are on duty, making sure no suspicious people or items are entering the airport property.360-degree View Booth
    • Special Security Features: We can customize your booth with added security features that will help keep your employees and your airport safe. Whether you would prefer bullet-resistant glass, tinted windows, built-in restrooms and LED spotlights to help you light up dark areas. We have a variety of add-on features available for you to choose from.Special Security Features Booth
    • Equipped with Comfort Giving Features:  You can include built-in air conditioners or baseboard heaters into your airport security booth. Ensuring maximum comfort to those working long hours in the booths, no matter what the weather conditions may be.built-in air conditioners booth
  • Easy to Install: These security booths are pre-fabricated at our facility and are easy to install once they arrive at your airport.Easy to Install security guard booth

At Guardian Booth, we work with our clients to ensure they are getting exactly what they need. Each of our airport security booths are built unique to each of the different facilities they are utilized at. We can provide you with a standard security booth option, which ranges from sizes of 4×4 to 8×12, or we can manufacture a custom size option if needed. Contact our sales team today, and they can help you design the booth you need!

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