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Design Your Guardhouse’s Restroom and Floor Plan

So you’ve settled on buying or renting a guardhouse with restroom. Now, it’s time to think about the restroom options that you want to add, and how you can make more effective use of this new space.
If you are saying to yourself, “Wait! I’m still not sure if I need a guardbooth with bathroom”, then you may want to pause a moment and read this article first.
If you have decided that a lavatory is the right choice for your guardhouse,you will want to consider a variety of restroom accessories and design consideration, so read on!

Interior of guardhouse bathroom


Standard Features: What You will Get

Assuming that you are ordering from a reputable dealer, the standard features pre-installed in your guardhouse with a restroom will likely include:


  • Plumbing fixtures, such as a toilet with a seat and a sink. These fixtures are often factory assembled and installed, but some guard booth companies will make you hire a plumbing contractor to install the fixtures on site. Be sure you ask about fixture installation upfront so you know what to expect.
  • Restroom lights. While electricity and lights are optional on a guard booth, most booths that include a bathroom will have electricity and lighting pre-installed. Many times you get a guard booth that has a restroom because it is either in a relatively remote location or because it is used at night, so lighting can be very important.
  • GFCI outlets. These ground fault protection outlets are requirements – both for safety and legal reasons – any time there is the possibility of water penetration. Since your restroom will definitely have water, a GFCI outlet should come standard!
  • Waterproof and easy to clean flooring. Most restroom trailers will come with vinyl, rubber, or heavy-duty aluminum tread plate flooring. Ceramic or other tiles may be an option on the walls or floors, but keep in mind that such materials can crack under heavy use, big equipment, or if you choose to relocate the trailer. They may also not stand up as well to heavy traffic as a solid metal floor, with the grout getting dirty easily.

White bathroom with metal floor, white sink and toilet

Overall Booth Features that You Might Want to Add to a Guard Shack with Restroom


When it comes to your guard booth overall, you might want to consider the following options, regardless of whether you have a bathroom installed:


  • Heat or air conditioning, depending upon the climate. Generally, electric heaters are used.
  • Sliding transaction windows, particularly if the booth will be used to monitor parking entry or otherwise engage with customers or other visitors regularly.
  • An exterior countertop if customers will be approaching the guard booth on foot.
  • A waiting area, either for customers or employees.
  • Bullet resistant glass if you feel that this is a requirement based on your application and location.


Glass with a bullet hole in it

  • Countertop or desk inside the building to allow people to fill out paperwork, use a computer, etc.
  • Surveillance and monitoring equipment, such as video camera monitors or walk talkies.
  • A wireless router or booster to ensure quality internet access in and around the booth.

Optional Features Specifically Related to the Bathroom

In addition to the basic add-ons to your booth, you may want to consider the following items that are specific to the restroom portion of your small guard building:

  • Partitions to separate sink area from a toilet, or to separate off more than one toilet.
  • Restroom cabinets to provide storage for keeping extra restroom supplies.
  • Restroom supplies, such as toilet paper, hand soap, paper towels, broom, dustpan, feminine hygiene supplies, mop with a bucket, wet floor sign, first aid kit, hand sanitizer, and wastebasket.
  • Water heater. Usually, a small tank or tankless on-demand water heater is installed in a shack with a restroom.
  • Exhaust fan if a window is not enough to vent the room.
  • Tinting or frosting on any windows to ensure privacy.

Tinted window in guard booth

  • Paper towel holder or air hand dryer.
  • Soap dispenser. Note: Install this above the sink so that any dripping is caught on the sink rather than creating a mess and slip hazard on the floor.
  • Hand sanitizer dispenser on the wall, near the door, to minimize the spread of germs and thus sick days.
  • Urinal as an option, if desired. You may want to use a partition wall to separate urinal from the toilet.
  • Coat hook to provide a way for people to hang up their coat, bag, or equipment belt without setting it on the floor.
  • Grab bar near the toilet for those who need help getting up.
  • Signage inside the guard booth reminding employees to wash their hands, turn out the light and clean up after themselves.
  • Motion sensors can detect movement in the bathroom and shut off the light when the restroom is not occupied, saving you money.

Want to learn even more about add-on features for your guard booth? Check out Guardian Booth online.

A Few Last-Minute Design Tips

Here are some final things to keep in mind when considering a guard shack with a restroom installed:

  1. Keep it simple so it stays clean. The less “stuff” in your shack, the easier it is to keep it clean, germ-free, and safe from fall dangers.
  2. Remember that the outside is important too– use it to your advantage. Talk to your booth retailer about the color of your booth. Colors are customizable. You can choose bright, interesting colors that match your company logo, or dark, camouflage colors to blend in – whatever you need. Signage can also be important if you need to communicate with your customers.
  3. Keep your booth well lit, inside and out.
  4. Add accessories as needed – towel bars, soap dishes, shelving, storage for overstock.
  5. Keep it stocked – and overstocked.
  6. Keep it locked when not in use.

Still in the early stages of getting your booth and wondering about the layout of your guard booth? A restroom can be put in a variety of areas, but here is one common guardhouse with toilet floor plan:

Guard shack floor plan with restroom

This guard shack floor plan with restroom is for a 6’ x 8’ guard booth, which is generally the smallest that you will want to use when including a restroom. Size can be an important consideration, both in ensuring that you have enough room inside the building for what you need it to do and to ensure that the entire building footprint will fit into the space that you have allotted.

There are a few more points to be made when ordering a guardhouse with a restroom. When creating their restroom trailer design plan, some people wonder if a restroom in a guard shack needs to be ADA compliant, that is, compliant with the American’s With Disabilities Act. The answer is a resounding… probably. Chances are it does need to be ADA compliant. But sometimes it can be unclear.

According to the ADA, all buildings and restrooms must be ADA compliant, in general. But there are exceptions. For instance, temporary structures do not require ADA compliance, nor do small, non-dwelling structures such as toll booths. This means that it is possible that if your restroom is in a small, mobile structure that is not open to the public, it may not have to be ADA compliant, but the law can be difficult to understand and open to interpretation. But this could vary from state to state, so check the laws in your area. All Guardian Booth guard shacks with restrooms are ADA compliant.

Guardian Booth has Guard  Booths

with restrooms in stock for you to rent or buy today. In fact, here are a few guard shack with restroom pictures so that you can see what they have available.

Open door showing toilet and sink with metal floor

All Guardian Booth restroom trailers are solidly constructed of hardy materials, built with excellent craftsmanship to last, ADA compliant, delivered to your site ready to use, and easy to clean!

Learn more about ordering your guard booth today.

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