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How Important Are Security Guards

Hiring security guards for your company can have several positive impacts on your business. what does a security guard do? Well-trained security guards with the right equipment can secure your building, property, employees, and customers. They can deter potential threats, coordinate response activities if something does happen, and provide peace of mind to employees and customers.

A female guard with arms folded.

Hired security guards protect people and property by being visually present so that would-be troublemakers see the guard or their guard shack and know that they run a risk of detection if they cause trouble there. They do patrols where they check for equipment malfunction and things that are out of place. Security guards can ensure that buildings are secure, and that employees are safe. They can also watch employees if employee-theft or vandalism is a concern. Security guards can monitor security cameras, security guard equipment, and communication. The list goes on and on. Security guards can do many things: Train your guards just as you would any employee, so that they do the job you have in mind for them.

Organizations That Need Security Guards

There are many benefits of security guards and virtually any business can benefit from hiring security professionals. In fact, the benefits of a good security presence cannot be stated strongly enough. This is true in nearly any industry, including entertainment, construction, sales, pop-up shops, sporting complexes, parking garages, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and more.

Of course, there are certain types of businesses where security guards are most necessary and effective. Such businesses include:

  • Hospitals. Hospitals, after-hours medical care facilities, and emergency health centers can definitely benefit from security guards because so many different types of people come there, it can get very busy, and often people are in emotional or physical distress, which can make some people more volatile.

    A white hospital complex

  • Schools. It is sad, but the recent rash of gun violence and bullying in schools means that keeping our schools – at all educational levels – safe sometimes requires the presence of security guards. Learn more about the benefits of security guards in schools.
  • Bars and nightclubs. Late night hot spots — especially where alcohol is involved — is a hot spot for potential trouble and thus a great place for security guards.
  • Movie theaters and restaurants. Entertainment companies like these that are open late can benefit from security, especially during highly busy times and when it is dark outside.

    The inside of a movie theater

  • Banks and other financial institutions. Any company that regularly deals with a lot of money, particularly if they are located in a high crime area, can benefit from security guards.
  • Courts and government buildings. These are places where many people gather. Criminals may frequent, and emotions can run very high at times of judicial proceedings. This may cause individuals to act out violently.
  • Construction sites. It is sadly common today for construction sites to be robbed, pilfered, and vandalized, especially at night. Making sure you have security guards for construction sites can save companies a lot of headache.

    Blue guard both on a construction site

  • Any business located in a high crime area.
  • Any business that is open at night.
  • Any business that is known to have a lot of cash or valuables on hand.
  • Any business where the customers are likely to be hot, inebriated, or have some other heightened emotions.
Security Guard Advantages

Above we mentioned some specific things that security guards do, as far as job duties. But what do security guards do for a business?

A lot. The importance of security guard teams that are properly trained cannot be understated, they perform the following services for businesses:

Provide Peace of Mind

  • Having a security guard around can bring a heightened sense of security around the entire business. It can help employees to be more productive because they don’t have to worry about their safety while they are on the job. It can help customers feel safe to shop or engage without being overly cautious. And it can help leadership feel comfortable that all is well.
  • Simply having a visible security guard, a visible security booth, some lighting and security cameras can provide tremendous deterrents to would-be criminals.
  • Security guards are trained to look for suspicious characters. Often, a security guard can detect that something is going to happen and prevent it through action or simply by watching carefully and causing the person to give up their troublemaking plans.
  • Security guards with a properly equipped security guard booth that is capable of handling surveillance while maintaining a 360-degree eyesight view can reduce theft, trespassing, and other problems.

Provide Customer Service

  • While security guards are securing facilities, they can also answer customers’ questions, walk customers or employees to their car, patrol the parking lot, and more. An experienced security officer that is used to his post may be able to direct customers to products or services, approach and offer to help customers who appear confused, or call in other employees to handle customer service when necessary.
Choosing Guards

There are different types of security guards. If your company is looking to hire security guards or guard services, it is important to know what to look for in a security guard. This means understanding the job duties of a security guard and that, depending on the nature of your business, you may need to hire one type of security guard over another.

For instance, some businesses may need to hire armed security guards, while others can get by and save money with unarmed guards. While a movie theater may be perfectly content to hire a security guard who is unarmed, a bank may want an armed guard to offer fuller protection. A grade school may prefer unarmed guards, while a high school might prefer an armed guard.

Drawing of security guard with arm extended

The equipment you provide your guard also matters. For example, a guard inside of a shopping mall may need just a radio and club. But a guard at a construction site should have a security booth to escape the weather and house monitoring equipment.

You Can Secure Your Company

If you decide that a security company could provide peace of mind and protection for your property and customers, you may then wonder how to get a guard. You have two basic choices: Hire your own guard(s) or hire a security company who can provide guards for you.

Both are equally valid choices.

Hiring a security company to provide guards for you can be fast and easy. The guards will come mostly trained, with uniforms and equipment, and you will just pay the company. It’s pretty simple, but you’ll still have to train the guards in your specific procedures and policies.

Keep in mind that hiring your own guards will seem less expensive in the short term, but you may need to train them and supervise them in a way you are not expecting, so it may be more difficult or expensive in the long run. Plus, you’ll need to supply their uniforms and equipment. But it is possible to hire, train and supervise your own guards, and many companies choose to go this route.

Some companies even become so adept at security for their own organization that they branch out, creating their own security company to help protect other organizations. Who knows: you may want to create your own security company one day and provide security for other businesses in addition to your own!

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