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Do Sliding Door Benefits for Guard Booths Outweigh Swinging Door Advantages?

Doors keep us and our valuables safe yet accessible, but what are some sliding door benefits compared to those of swinging doors for guard booths? Since the dawn of time humans have likely been trying to find new and better ways to close off their private spaces from the world. In fact, if you are a bit of a history or construction buff, there is an entire history of doors throughout the world you can learn about.

But if you’re on this page, you most likely aren’t concerned about history: You are concerned about your guard or ticket booth, and whether a sliding booth door or swinging booth door is best for you, your booth, and your employees?

Seven white doors with black outlines lined up in a row

Choosing a swinging door or sliding door involves mostly the same considerations whether it is for a house, a business, or a booth. You need to look at:

  • Access
  • Security
  • Aesthetics
  • Cost

Let’s look at these four things in the context of a guard or ticket booth for your company.


Going in and out of your booth needs to be easy and safe. The doorway must always be free of obstruction and debris so that it can be both useful and allow for quick access. The booth door must also open wide enough to allow people and any necessary materials through, and must open easily.

When thinking of access, consider how the building, and thus the door will be used. For example, will a single person often be entering by him/herself while holding many things? A single swinging door that someone can push open with a foot or shoulder might be better. But if people will frequently be carrying large items in and out, choosing a sliding door for the booths doors provides a more spacious entry for doing so.

A sliding door usually offers the widest opening possible, and it does so without taking up space by  swinging into the way of something else. So not only is a sliding door a good choice if a lot of items will regularly be carried in and out, but such a door also does not invade into the interior of the booth; if more than one person is working near or inside the booth, the door won’t get in their way. For example, if one person is coming and going while helping customers and another person is inside doing some work, a sliding door can be a lot less of an intrusion. With sliding doors you can also have more booths and doors in a smaller space without them hitting each other when in use.

In addition, if a person will frequently be opening the door, or if he or she wants the door partially open (like sliding doors guards entrance where there is constant interaction with visitors), a sliding door allows one to more easily work with the door only partially open.


Both a sliding door for guard booths and swinging doors can be well secured. Generally, the most simplistic swinging door might have more security than the most simplistic sliding door. While additional bolts and reinforcements can be added to both types of doors, even with additional locks, swinging doors are probably slightly more secure, particularly when no one is in the booth and it is locked from the outside.

If security of the booth, particularly while not in use, is of extreme importance, be sure to talk to your booth manufacturer about the additional locks and security that you can add to either door type. You may decide to go with the best swinging doors over the advantages of sliding door options.

A hand reaching for a locked door with a key in it


Either a sliding door or swinging door will safely close your booth off to weather and intruders. But which one looks better?

Beauty is, of course, in the eyes of the beholder. But popular consensus seems to say that sliding doors have a sleeker, more modern look. While there is nothing off-putting about a swinging door, a sliding door takes aesthetics up a notch.

Compare the images below and decide whether you agree that a sliding door gives booths that extra oomph. And, if that matters to your business, employees or customers, aesthetics is something to consider.

A blue booth with a sliding door next to a blue booth with a swinging door.

Either door will allow you to choose your color, add necessary signage, light the entry and more. WIth aesthetics, personal preference is what makes the decision.


Most likely early man slid branches or rocks in front of cave openings to shield them from view and weather. But despite sliders being the original door, today

Swinging doors are more common, easier to come by, and generally less expensive. The swinging door requires simply trimming an opening, and adding some hinges and a latch. Easy and cost-effective.

Sunrise on the water seen through an open doorway

A sliding door (specifically a pocket type door), on the other hand, requires a cavity to be built within the receiving wall, very tight tolerances for door clearance, and unique supports to allow the cavity wall to remain strong. They also require a sliding mechanism and recessed handles and locks. This can add a bit to the cost. Sliders are certainly not prohibitively costly, but they are usually a bit more than a traditional door and something you will want to ask your booth manufacturer to price for you if money is of concern.

Let’s summarize the top benefits of sliding doors and swinging doors.
Sliding door benefits for guard houses include:

Looking straight through a blue booth with dual open sliding doors

  • Modern appearance
  • Easy access
  • Larger opening area
  • Slides into wall and doesn’t block anything
  • More space for multiple doors, even in a smaller booth

Swinging door benefits for guard houses include:

A green booth with a closed swinging door

  • Less expensive
  • Traditional
  • Easier to operate with hands full
  • Slightly more secure
  • Doesn’t take up wall space that might be needed for shelving or other additions
  • Can be used in a very small booth most easily

When it comes right down to it, both doors have their own benefits, and a lot of things that are simply the same between them. Choosing a sliding door vs. swinging door is really a personal decision that you can base upon your own access, security, aesthetics, and cost considerations.

Need more information to help you choose the right booth? Learn more about how ticket booth designs can make for happier employees and customers. Or, check out what portable applications for mobile guard booths can do for you.

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