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Design a Shed House and Be Part of the Tiny House Movement

Buy or build your shed house and become a part of the tiny house movement. Discover the wonder of a mini house shed! Change the world by making a shed a home and be part of the tiny house movement!

The tiny house movement goes back as far as 1854. This is when Henry David Thoreau published his seminal essay about living in a 150 square foot cabin for two years. In 1987, Lester Walker released a book called Tiny Houses: Or How to Get Away From It All. It featured pictures of prefabricated shed homes and various other styles of mini house. These two influences seemed to propel the tiny home movement forward, and by 2002, the Small House Society formed.

What Are the Main Benefits of Living in a Shed House?

The benefits of living in a tiny shed home seem to be almost endless. We’ve picked our top reasons why you should at least try out a tiny holiday house. Living in a tiny house shed may seem like a foreign idea if it’s not one you’ve had exposure to. However, even if you don’t take the plunge and trade in your property immediately, you can benefit from escaping the traps of modern living and trying out the the shed house idea.

Be One With the Great Outdoors

One of our favorite things about staying in a tiny house is your proximity to nature and the outdoors. When you’re in a tiny dwelling, you’re compelled to spend more of your leisure time outdoors. Plus, there’s an extra sense of kinship with the world around you when you’re carefully managing your carbon footprint. You can decorate and adorn your shed house to blend in with the natural surroundings more effectively than you could with a full-sized house. The result is the cutest little shed that you can live in, nestled among nature, the way it seems life should be.

Make It Your Own

You can decorate your shed home any way you like. Embellish your new shed tiny house with neon signs and bright colors for a shocking Hairjuku look. Alternatively, paint it green and brown with climbing plants for the au natural look. There are some awesome add-on features you can get to make your shed home as comfy and practical as possible. Look at as many pictures of shed homes as you can for shed house design ideas. Consider including air conditioning units, outdoor LED spotlights, tinted windows, baseboard heating, and more. You can even buy a Guardian Booth with a custom design and color.

Mount Your Tiny Home On a Trailer for Portability

If you’re able to move your residency, it opens up far more options in terms of where you can live. It’s also the absolute ultimate in freedom: you can purchase a shed on wheels for sale and move along whenever you choose and find the next great town or city to explore. Some of the best places to stay are temporary land sharing options, which we’ll discuss in detail later on. Being mobile is ideal if you’re going to explore the country, one state at a time. Get your Guardian booth mounted onto a trailer and experience unprecedented levels of freedom. Park up in any legal spot you like and move along when you’re ready for the next adventure.

Eco-Friendly and On-Trend House Sheds

While a trend certainly isn’t the reason to become aware of your impact on the environment, it’s still awesome to see it become cool. We must think ahead to the future and try to make sure the earth is a safe place to live in the future. If that woke message is becoming fashionable —  we’re all for that! Most people expect to live in a large house, which uses lots of energy and power to heat and cool. We’ve grown so used to living outside our means with huge mortgages and spiraling debts. The tiny house movement appears to be the perfect antidote to our somewhat wasteful style of living. Even if you just live in your shed home for a few months out of the year — imagine the amount of carbon you’d save. Then imagine if every household in the country spent time in a shed home. Transitioning to tiny shed homes is a good example of how when lots of people make tiny gestures, we can make a massive difference in the world.

Get Your Shed Style Homes Built ASAP

Some people aren’t particularly blown away by the environmental message of tiny houses, and that’s okay, too. One of the most impressive things about moving into a shed home is the lead time. The process of making the decision, purchasing your shed home, and moving in a tiny shed house could happen within months. Building a regular house in a state of your choice could take as much as five years to complete. If you’re living with your parents, a shed house in an excellent foray into the world of living alone. With a little shed house you can take responsibility for bills and living expenses without the headache that comes with the responsibility for a hefty mortgage.

Affordability of Tiny Shed Houses

Which leads us to perhaps the most glaringly obvious bonus of living in a shed house — shed living is so inexpensive. Not only is the upfront cost paltry, but all tiny home shed bills are significantly less expensive because you’re using such a small space. To top it off, taxes and premiums on little shed homes are also non-existent. It’s no wonder so many people are considering taking the path less traveled and investing in a shed home.

Where Can I Keep My Tiny House?

There are plenty of places that let you can claim your tiny plot of land — even if it’s only temporary. A few considerations play a crucial role in determining where you can lay your hat and home, including:

  • If it’s on a foundation, you’ll be subject to the same rules and laws as a typical house.
  • To be considered officially tiny and take advantage of the legal requirements , your home must be under 400 square feet (ca. 37 m²).
  • A shed house on wheels offers more flexibility than a fixed one. However, some states have strict laws that prevent full-time living in a mobile home.

Here are some ideas to help you explore the best options for where you should plot your tiny home.

Find a City or State That Allows Shed Home Living

There’s something of a gray area when it comes to the discussion of “Is it legal to live in a shed?”  A tiny house would not quite be considered a mobile home, yet it’s not quite a full house. You can find shed homes in all 50 states, but they’re not necessarily there legally. The states that are most friendly towards tiny home living are Oregon, Florida, California, North Carolina, and Texas. Individual municipalities have their own laws when it comes to tiny homes as well. HuffPost reports that the following cities are shed house friendly: Pulaski County, Kentucky, Richmond, Maine, Ashland, Oregon, and Canyon County, Idaho.

Tiny House Communities

People who move to little shed houses that are part of tiny house communities often report a considerable improvement in their overall quality of life. If the hustle and bustle of city living is exhausting you — find a guard booth for sale. You don’t need to live on the peripheral of society either. Tiny house communities are full of like-minded people to connect with. They tend to include plenty of opportunities to socialize, such as communal gardens and fire pits. Some communities are centered around a minimal waste or plant-based lifestyle, so you’re sure to find a group that suits your personality.

Land Sharing Options

If you opt for a shed house on wheels, one option open to you is temporary urbanism. This involves parking up in a disused piece of land that’s currently under development and overseeing it until building work starts. Once the government is ready to use the property, it’ll be time for you to move on to the next spot. You usually get at least a year in these types of places, and they give you sufficient notice when it’s time to leave.

An RV Park

If your primary mission is to see the world from the comfort of a shed home, an RV park might be for you. Bear in mind; utilities are taken care of in an RV park. There are often additional features such as a gym, pool, or common area for meeting new people. The tiny house movement is gaining such traction that some RV parks now have spaces dedicated to them. RV park living is more likely an option open to you if your shed mini house is RVIA certified.

A Friend’s Yard

Some cities and states let homeowners keep a tiny house on their plot of land. If you’ve got a friend who wouldn’t mind you having a backyard cottage on their property and the state allows it, go for it with a mini shed house. You’ve probably come across one the most affordable ways in the world to live.

Types of Shed Homes Available

Look for a shed house for sale that you can live in comfortably; shed homes come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your budget and lifestyle. If you envision life on the road, a portable security booth or security shack would be ideal. Customizable security guard booths and security shacks offer additional safety measures, while parking attendant booths are comfortable, spacious, and entirely waterproof.

If you have any further questions about how to join tiny house movement, how to make a shed a home

Shed Homes for Sale

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