Choosing the Right Guard Booth Size for Your Event: 5 Tips

What Booth Size do I need for my Guard Booth and Security Team?

Guard booth size is an important consideration when choosing your guard booth. Some may assume that big guard booths are better by definition. However, proper booth dimensions are a consideration to be taken seriously. Whether you are protecting a construction site, parking lot carnival, office building, or seasonal event, choosing the right guard or security booth size is paramount. Proper guard shack dimensions ensures that your security team can use the shack effectively.

Before we get to more about security booth dimensions, though, let’s review the many benefits of having an onsite security guard or team.

  • A security guard presence provides an important service to any business.
  • Parking lot security guards provide human eyes on the scene that can spot trouble, and also respond quickly to said trouble. This includes accidents, natural disasters, robberies, and more.
  • Security guards help monitor grounds and people, prevent crime, report crime, serve customers, and simply provide a sense of security.
  • The mere presence of a security guard and a security booth can be a tremendous deterrent to criminals who would rather cause problems at an easier target that is not protected.
Choose Your Security Room Dimensions

Some events are just as concerned with the look of their guard booth as they are with guard or security booth sizes. You can take a look at some fun and interesting guard booths if you want something beyond the ordinary. Another idea is to check out this Pinterest board that is dedicated exclusively to interesting guard booths at Disney resorts. Or this one that shows a variety of guard booth shapes and sizes for any event or need.
Now, of course, aesthetics are important, but the size of your guard booth is very important too. So, now you want to know the standard size of guard room that I need for my booth? When it comes to choosing a size for security guard parking lot booths, you’ll want to know what is the standard size of guard house set up. (The same criteria can be used when considering parking booth dimensions, ticket booth dimensions, or any other booth needs.) There is no magic answer for the question of what’s the appropriate guard house dimension. To answer these questions there are a number of things for you to consider.

The Right Size Security Booth

  • Choose a booth that is large enough to house the people and equipment that you need.
    Every organization has different needs, so basing your decision on standard size of security room is not prudent. Rather, think through how many guards will use your booth and what will be stored in the booth. If you plan to fill your shack with computer screens, video monitors, walkie-talkies and more, you might need a bit more space than a single guard with a clipboard does.
  • Select a booth that is small enough to fit into the space that you have available.
    Take security guard room dimensions into consideration and decide where you will place your booth and how much space you have. If you are guarding a small building with a very small parking lot, then a 4×4 booth might suit you best. If you need to fit the booth between some trees or even put it inside on a warehouse floor, you might need a small footprint. But if you have multiple guards watching a large construction site, a more visible and larger building might be a better choice.
  • Consider a guard booth that is sized to be fixed or mobile, depending upon your needs.
    Any size booth can be moved when you need to, but if you plan to move your booth around frequently then a smaller booth mounted on caster wheels or a trailer may be your best option.
  • Get security office dimensions that will allow you to add the features that are necessary. Your security booth has to fit your needs. This means that if you are in a high crime or dangerous area, you may choose a large booth to be seen and hold a lot of equipment. But a similar application in a lower crime area might be able to use a smaller security room size as they will have a smaller staff and less equipment.
  • Choose the guard booth that is best sized to fit your budget.
    Simply put, a bigger booth will cost you more. You can generally get a small 4×4 booth for under $5,000. But double that size to an 8×8 and you nearly double the price. It’s worth it, if you need the space, but obviously you have to choose a booth that fits your budget. When thinking about this, though, do remember that Guardian Booth offers booth rentals and financing, to make getting the booth you need easier.

Examples of Guard Booth Size Choice

Guard booths can come in almost any size or shape, and guard house size is an important factor to consider. Generally, the smallest size is 4×4, providing 16 square feet of floor space, which is considered to be a guard house standard size. Common booth sizes (in feet) for guard room dimensions include: 4×6, 6×6, 6×8, 8×8, 8×10, and 8×12. (Contact us if you’d like guard house standard size in meters instead of feet). However, a guard booth can be custom built in literally any size that you need.

A Medium to Large Guard Booth: Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando Florida, uses a lot of guard booths on their property. Because Disney is so heavily themed, they use custom guard shacks, designed to fit the décor of the area it is guarding. In addition, Disney uses relatively large booths, usually at least 8×8 for guard room size, often larger.
Disney uses guard booths this large for a couple of reasons:
1. Each booth houses two security guards almost all day and night. They need space for the guards to be comfortable and do their job.
2. Disney prides itself on being very efficient in communications and security. Therefore, they have a lot of equipment to store in their guard shacks.
3. Disney wants even their guard shacks to make a statement: Everything at Disney is big and amazing and must be consistent with that image and reputation.

A large, white guard booth with palm trees around it

Of course, you don’t have to be a world-renowned theme park to want to use a large security booth. If your organization will have multiple guards on shift at any one time, multiple people working in the guard shack at once, or has a lot of equipment to store in the shack, then a 8×8, 8×10, 8×12 standard booth size or even bigger might be warranted. In addition, sometimes a guard shack is also used to sell parking passes or tickets. Using your booth for multiple purposes might require a larger footprint with a security guard room size that is above average.

Medium Size Guard Booths: Not everyone needs so much space, and an average booth size might be the best choice for some. For example, take this 6×8 booth manufactured specifically to look stylish and offer a wide field of vision for security at an airport. This size booth can be built in different shapes and finishes to fit into your environment well.

A white guard shack with curved front window

A medium size booth can be good for a single guard who has to spend many hours inside, or a situation where multiple guards are coming and going from the space. It allows ample storage, but still has a small enough footprint to be easily mobile and not too obtrusive in appearance. A mid-sized booth like this can be great in a large parking lot, on a construction site, inside an amusement park, outside a zoo or aquarium, and so much more.

A Small Guard Booth: Finally, there are those who really do not need much room at all, or simply do not have the space to place a larger guard shack. Here is when a simple, cozy, 4×4 guard shack can come in handy. For example, say you own a Christmas tree lot or an Independence Day fireworks store in a parking lot. You may not have a lot of space for a large guard shack, but you still need somewhere for security personnel to escape the cold or heat and fill out paperwork. A small 4×4 might be the best choice.

A small guard shack in front of a brick building

For example, we mentioned above that a school might be a good choice for a small, unobtrusive guard booth. Yet, a larger school in a rougher part of town might want more presence for onsite security staffing and equipment, and a larger guard booth, similar to the 8×12 guard room standard size that’s shown below.

A large red guard shack in front of a school building

Also, when you want to show a presence without instilling fear, such as outside a high school, a small shack might be best. Small booths can also be a good choice when you would like multiple shacks around the area. For example, if you are running a traveling carnival it might be most effective to have one small booth at each main entrance to the attraction to ensure that guests feel safe and secure wherever they are in the park, with parking lot security guard presence in multiple areas.

The Right Guard Booth Size for Your Application

Choosing the best parking lot guard booth size or ticket booth size really depends upon your needs, your location, and your security concerns. Choosing the size of the booth is a very specific decision that depends your needs, your available space, how mobile you need to be, what features you want, and your budget, as stated in the five tips we provided above.

Guardian Booth has been in the guard booth manufacturing business sine 2004, starting as a small basement project during a college gap year that exploded into a national company with a rock-solid reputation. If you need help deciding on the best booth size for your application, or want to check out the features and other considerations in choosing a security guard booth, check out Guardian Booth online or call and ask them: What booth size do I need for my parking lot guard booth? What security guard room specifications should I take into consideration when ordering?

Is your organization or event located outside of the United States? If so, check out this list of guard booth distributors around the globe.

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