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9 Ways A Backyard Office Can Change Your Work From Home Life

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Working from home has plenty of allure when you haven’t tried it before. The idea of climbing out of bed and being at work with your coffee and sweatpants sounds pretty intriguing. 

Granted, if you are a security guard who works out of a security shack on a large campus, the tiny house backyard office option is not for you.

In 2017, only just over 5% of Americans worked from home. Then the global pandemic hit and many Americans found themselves working from the kitchen table with their kids doing school work too. Many dream of a backyard office for an escape.

With no easy end in sight, it seems the work from home trend is here to stay. Many companies are already even suggesting they will keep their workforce working from home long after restrictions start to ease. 

While you might love many of the features of working from home, a little workspace of your own might be in order. Ever considered a backyard office for yourself

Consider creating the perfect work from home scenario. Work from home, but in your own space right in your backyard, a prefab backyard office. Read on to learn about the advantages of creating a backyard office for work time. You’ll be looking for a tiny backyard office for sale right away.

1. Home —  But Not Home

While it is nice to sit down at your computer or phone still wearing your sweat pants, you also still have to see your work even when you want to escape from it. Sure, working from home is nice. But you also live at home which makes leaving the office a bit more challenging. 

When you create a backyard office shed, you are still home. You can still carry your morning coffee straight to your desk. Yet, you don’t have to see your desk after dinner or on the weekend if you don’t want to. 

Creating a separate workspace in your backyard means you have an backyard home office that you can close the door on. You can separate work and home life so you don’t find yourself working every waking minute you’re awake.

2. A Prefab Office Shed Creates a Workspace

For many people, they don’t have a designated workspace for working from home. They have a kitchen table and living room and bedrooms. Their homes weren’t built with a designated workspace. Even if you have an extra bedroom or an area in the basement with a desk, you know those spaces tend to be clutter collectors when not in use. 

Nothing quite so frustrating as trying to spread out your work while navigating around the box of donated old clothes or pictures you need to put in photo albums. 

As more people work from home, they are finding they need to create a separate work area to be able to concentrate and do their jobs effectively. A backyard office solves this problem. 

3. With a Backyard Work Space, There’s No Commute

The average American spends 26.1 minutes commuting to get to work and then the same coming home each day. Over the course of a week, they use up 4.35 hours. 

Imagine what you could do with a free 4 hours. When you set up a backyard office, you get those 4 hours back. You can grab your coffee (while still in your sweatpants) and head to the backyard office. 

Your commute consists of the steps it takes to get across the backyard and into your home office booth.

As an added bonus, when you are ready for lunch or a bathroom break, you need to simply retrace your steps out of your back yard home office and back into the house. You can even get a shed with a bathroom in it. The backyard office with bathroom option does exist.

You won’t be stopping for expensive coffee to keep you happy during the commute and you don’t have to spend money eating lunch out each day. 

4. Higher Productivity in a Prefabricated Backyard Office

If you’ve tried working from home already, you know being home can offer up some distractions and day to day interruptions. The dog barks. The kids come to tell you about their Barbie house furniture falling and breaking. You suddenly remember you have a load of laundry in the washer. 

The list of distractions can go and on. 

Yet, when you create a separate yard shed office, you get the best of both worlds. With a modular backyard office, you are still home, with no commute. Yet, you are separate so you can hide from some of those pesky distractions. 

In fact, many people who work from home find that when they designate their own space outside the home they are more productive.

5. No More Office Distractions Either

Like there can be distractions at home, they exist at work too. And maybe even worse. There are people at other desks talking while you’re trying to focus. Phones ringing and interruptions from co-workers who want to talk about something that’s not a priority. And what about the office gossip and office parties?

Sure, you will still need to communicate with others from the office. You’ll still need to attend meetings even if they are digital. But when you create an office space for yourself in your backyard tiny office, you eliminate all the unnecessary and ancillary noise and distractions.

Further, you can have the office conditions how you want them. Do you like quiet music playing while you work? 

Finally, there will be no more tussling over the temperature of the office. You can set the temperature to your liking, instead of being too hot or too cold.

6. Design the Backyard Modular Office Space to Your Liking

Ever sat at your desk at the office and felt cramped? Ever wished you could stand when you’re on the phone instead of sitting?

When you create a tiny backyard office for yourself, you are in full control of the design. Maybe you don’t want a traditional desk and prefer a table where you can spread out. Maybe you prefer a standing desk instead of sitting. Maybe you’d like to take important calls from an armchair with an ottoman so you prop your feet. 

You can design a space with a backyard office design that works best for you and you don’t have to worry about accommodating other office mates. 

Remember, you will also need accessible technology too. So, you can set up your network and technology layout how it works for you, not how it must be because that’s how the office does it.

7. A Prefab Home Office – Out With Nature

If you’re one of those unfortunate souls who is stuck behind a desk in a cubicle with no windows, you will surely appreciate this one. 

Ever wished you could pack up your desk and work in the park or on the patio? Ever wished you had a window to the outside world while at work? How about a garden shed office?

When you set up a backyard office, you have the best access to nature and natural light. You can decide where the windows will be on your backyard office shed. You can even make them so they open the fresh air pours in along with the sunshine.

Imagine working away in your backyard office and hearing the birds chirping all around you while you work. This affordable backyard studio will give you a whole new appreciation for nature while you work.

8. Home Time Flexibility

Ever felt frustrated when you need the cable guy to come and they only have daytime appointments in a four-hour window? How about needing to see the doctor who doesn’t offer late or weekend appointments?

When you work from home, you have flexibility. Now, don’t go thinking you can spend half the day watching tv. You still have to get your work done and be in your meetings. 

But those many things that used to require you to use some valuable time off are easier now. Need to start an hour late so you can get your kids to school or the dentist, no problem? Now you can do what you need to do and maybe work an hour later or start an hour earlier to get things done. 

You have control of your time and schedule.

9. Multi-Purpose Space

Now you might not choose to tell your family this right away. But remember, you are in control of your backyard office. You can use it how you want. 

Are you willing to share so your wife also has an art studio? Maybe you are okay with making the space available for family movie nights. 

When you add this office space to your backyard, you can also consider whether you want to add a little extra space for you to practice the guitar or pursue another passion. 

Because you aren’t sharing the space with other colleagues as you might in the office, you can decide how the space will be used. You might even be able to find a used backyard office for sale to save some money. 

Work From Home in Your Backyard Office

Are you convinced of the many merits of adding a backyard office to your home? No more listening to distractions either from the office or inside the house. You get a space designed for how it will work best for you. Start dreaming of your backyard office plan.

If you’re ready to look at a backyard office prefab for sale, we can help. From tiny home backyard office to backyard office building, contact us about our backyard office options. You’ll be sitting in your own office space before you know it and wondering why you didn’t choose a work from home backyard office any sooner.

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