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Five Tips to Answer Your Modular Factory Office Design Concerns

Whether you work in a busy factory or a small start-up, you may find that space is at a premium. When that happens, you’ll find that these tips and recommendations for modular factory offices are exactly what you need. The way you utilize your construction site office design makes all the difference, and its impact on the daily functioning of your factory office space is of significant importance.

A modular office in factory provides extra space to pay bills, create work schedules, do the accounting, balance cashier drawers, and more. You may want a modular office for rent, or you may even want to buy one. You may also want to consider our portable office booths that are on wheels and easily transportable.

But how can you fit all the work that needs to be done, and all of the office workers who need to do it, into a small, modular office? You surely are determined to maximize productivity and reduce waste, driving you to seek work booth plans and office booth furniture that allow you to do so.

Following are the answers to five questions that you probably have about making a modular office work for your business:

1. What furniture do I really need?

Try before you buy.
As with most things in life, furnishing a small prefab office space requires planning. It is important that you think through your decisions carefully to get what you need into the modular office setup. Here are a few specific tips regarding plans for your modular office design:

  • When planning for mobile offices, plan it on paper. Create a little layout of your space and either draw in furniture or create paper furniture that you can move around. It’s easier to move paper for modular office designs rather than full sized furniture! Especially if you’re planning to go ahead with portable office booths, keep furniture and possessions to a minimum so there is not much shifting in transit.
  • Consider renting key pieces. Renting can be an inexpensive way to try before you buy and see what works and what you really need. Rent-to-own programs can be good for small business start-ups that don’t have a lot of cash or credit.
  • Try out the space before you put too much in it. Put in the bare minimum at first and then use the space. As you work you will start to see what you really need without filling it up right away with unnecessary stuff.

A desk with a computer, drawing of business plan, and hands working.

2. How can I possibly fit everything I need in a small portable office space?

Look for pieces that do double-duty.
Before transitioning to a closed office space, many people may think that they need a lot of stuff, and that all those stuff will never fit into the office space. To maximize space in your factory office layout, there are several ways you can make it work for your small modular office building. Here’s how:

  • Built-ins can be effective. Consider ordering your office with some features like lighting and counters, built right into the space. This will conserve space so that modular offices with doors can be left open and look professional to any passerby.
  • Look for furniture pieces that can serve more than one purpose in a portable office building. For example, a small bookshelf can provide storage and be a small desk. Or a desk on wheels can be moved to where it is needed. In a small space, versatility is important.

small bookshelf can provide storage and be a small desk

3. How do I find the right furniture for each task?

Think outside the box.
Finding the right furniture can be a bit of a challenge, but creativity can help you get the most out of your options.
Effective modular factory office enhancements means that you need to think beyond the intended purpose of a piece of furniture. For example, a hanging shoe organizer can be a great way to store office supplies. Or, the drawers from an old, broken dresser can be hung on a wall and used as shelves.
Similarly, get into upcycling by trying to reuse old things in new ways. For example, an old piano bench can be a great entryway bench that holds magazines for people to read while they wait. Or use an old TV tray as a side table or mobile desk.

4. Where can I get the best furniture to fit our needs?

Find the right store for your factory office plan.
For many people, Amazon and Walmart are the go-to places for inexpensive office furniture, but there are better furnishing options for your prefabricated office space:

  • Big box store Ikea has amazing modular office pieces, most designed to fit into small spaces. A lot of the furniture and organization products that they sell can be used in unique and interesting ways to create a modular office that is exactly what you need it to be. If you want to leave your options open for portable office booths, consider furniture that keeps your files tight and secure during relocation.
  • Wayfair and Knoll have amazing selection in office furniture. Much of their furniture is meant to serve multiple purposes, and thus is perfect for a small modular sales office. For example, this rolling cart can serve as an end table, extra desk, an area to go over plans with employees or clients, and more.
  • Budget a big problem and you don’t have a company credit card yet? Check out Fingerhut where financing is free and easy, and the prices aren’t half bad.
  • If you are thinking outside the box and looking to repurpose things, your local thrift stores or yard sales can provide great buys! Try to find ways to furnish these portable office booths creatively, and you’ll come out with a customized look while really enjoying the process of updating your modular office rooms!

An old chair on a lawn

5. What if I don’t have enough space?

Know when it’s time to grow.
Sometimes you think you have outgrown a space, but really you just need to add some new features so that the office can grow along with you. For example, you might have a small modular office that you were using only to do paperwork. But now, things have changed and you occasionally need to meet with vendors or have customers come and make pick-ups. You can have windows installed that you didn’t need before, have lighting added, or even have a counter surface added – inside or outside – to help the space continue to do what you need. Check out these add-on features that you can get for your current modular office building. Maybe it’s time to consider portable office booths that can be rolled in to supplement your space as needed, yet can be simply rolled away when not necessary.

Other times, you realize that you have filled the space with all of the furniture that you can, and built all of the add-ons that are reasonable, but you still need more room. Perhaps now you need a modular office with bathroom, or an additional desk, or all new electrical wiring for a new computer system or video system. Maybe you need several modular restroom buildings for rent to serve the needs of your team.  Or it might be time to get that new portable building that you are thinking about buying. New modular offices can be outfitted with restrooms, tables, windows, sliding doors, countertops, lighting and more! Modular restrooms for office can be made with what you need now, and give you extra room to grow into the future.

A toilet in a restroom of a modular building

Make Your Office Space Work for You

With some creative thinking, careful decision making, and ingenuity, your small office can work hard for you, helping you to get the job done right in comfort in your small prefabricated sales office, and getting you home to do more important things quickly.

The outside of a large, brown modular

After all is said and done, maybe the work booth plans we suggest don’t cut it. Hopefully your portable office space needs have grown to the point where patches and temporary fixes are not sufficient. In those cases, you may have to consider a new and expanded modular office for sale, perhaps even a prefab office building for sale. However, identifying a factory office building that works for your needs and your budget takes time. Researching modular offices for sale is a time-consuming process. And financing an office modular structure can be expensive. Settling on a portable office building for sale is a decision that most people are not quick to jump into.

For all these reasons, you may need to consider modular offices for rent that you can utilize in the interim until you secure a new office building modular space for the long term. The decision to go with modular office buildings for rent may allow you to push off dealing with the big decision of modular office space for sale until you absolutely have to. Hopefully you can find a modular office space rental with a mobile office design that can meet your needs for the time being. Since there is a cost and toll on work associated with portable office rentals, it only pays to relocate to a mobile office space for rent if you’ll be able to settle in for a reasonable amount of time, until you can identify or afford settling more permanently in modular office building for sale.

Ready to make the move to a modular factory office? Need help finding modular offices for sale near you? Planning a factory move? Check this out and learn more about available buildings and options for modular offices.

Considering portable office booths? Learn more about our portable office trailers. View our gallery of portable office booths to see what portable office rentals others have selected. We can also help with small office building exterior design for a custom professional finish. We build booths that include modular restrooms for sale. In summary, you can feel confident turning to us for just about any need related to a new or used structure – from a mini modular office space for rent to prefab office buildings for sale!


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