Know How Border Security Booths for Sale are Important in Border Logistics

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Why Border Security Booths are Important for Border Logistics?

Border Security Booth
The border patrol checkpoint serves as the entry and exit points for vehicles and people leaving the U.S borders. Border inspection booths are common in checkpoints and used by the U.S Customs and Border Protection Department (CBP). The CBP officials sit inside the booth and perform vehicle inspections or security checks to those passing through the border. Guardian Booth provides border security booths for border patrol exit and entry checkpoints. These checkpoints are specially designed to keep security experts protected and comfortable at all times; while also meeting the requirements of Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) standards. This post analyzes why these border security attendant booths can be an asset to any border security checkpoint.
Border Security Inspection Booths

5 Reasons Why Guardian Booth’s Border Security Inspection Booths Are the Best Choice for All Security Scenarios

We understand the challenges involved in protecting the country’s borders. This may include environmental factors, intruders, natural calamities, and other risks. CBP officials that are chosen for the task exemplify excellent written and verbal communication skills and physical fitness. These skills are important in order to conduct counterterrorism efforts, oversee trade-related activities, and perform immigration-related duties. However, these officials cannot perform their job well if not provided with a guard booth. A well-designed and secured checkpoint will help security guards enforce the border traffic laws with ease while being protected from environmental elements as well as unforeseen risks. Keeping this in mind, we have designed border inspection booths that stand out due to the following features:

  • Be on Point: Border inspection booths with a full 360-degree view provide the ultimate vantage point.
  • Stay Secure: These inspection booths protect officials at all times, with a secured bulliet resistance shack station specially designed for them.
  • Maintain Focus: The booths are provided with comfortable and weatherproof guard sheds to prevent unnecessary job distractions such as excessive climate conditions.
  • Remain Covert: You can choose between a 15% black tint and mirror windows to offer privacy, reduce heat and harmful UV rays from reaching a person sitting inside. Our tinted windows and shatter-resistant glass will help guards to stay one step ahead without being monitored by threats.
  • Work Together: Inspection booths can be customized with many features to meet our clients needs. Including: power assist countertops, exterior flood lights and duress signals, anti-fatigue floor mats, tinted windows, outside LED spotlights, bullet-resistant sliding windows and walls, and more. Our experts will work with you to customize your booth to meet your needs.

Guardian Booth Security Partners

Looking for a customized and secured border patrol booth? Are you wondering how to optimize the safety and comfort level of the employees using them? We can help you! add-on features like exterior electrical disconnection switches, baseboard heaters, tinted windows, breaker panel boxes, and so on. Contact us today to receive a custom quote. You can view the Guardian Booth add-on features like exterior electrical disconnection switches, baseboard heaters, tinted windows, breaker panel boxes, and so on. Gallery Page to see some security guard houses designed by our team. Our extensive design and manufacturing experience will allow you to build a border security guard house that assures the comfort and safety of your employees.

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