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Transform Your MLB Stadium with Prefabricated Structure Solutions

Baseball is America’s pastime. Major League Baseball (MLB) is the longest-running season in all of professional sports, with 162 games. It is also one of the most popular events, with more than 64.49 million in attendance during the 2022 season. From opening day, until the final pitch at the World Series is thrown, fans are anxiously anticipating the beginning of next season. The atmosphere at an MLB stadium is an unforgettable experience for the fans in attendance. There are 30 MLB teams divided equally between the American League (AL) and the National League (NL). These teams operate through 30 stadiums across the country. Each stadium is designed uniquely to encapsulate the team and its city.

MLB Stadium

The MLB season generally lasts from April to October. However, the action begins much before that when most teams relocate to Arizona or Florida for spring training beginning in March, and lasting for thirty six days. Whether it be spring training sessions or regular season, every game packs a lot of action. The stadiums are always packed full of fans cheering for their favorite team. At Guardian Booth, we help MLB stadiums make the most out of their 162 game season, by using well-designed prefabricated booths and structures. These are used in multiple ways, providing the solutions needed to help your stadium function properly.  This post introduces you to some ways you can utilize these booths within your stadium.

Utilization of Guardian Booth’s Structures at Your MLB Stadium

As mentioned before, stadiums are buzzing with people throughout the day. Stadium operations understand their role in making their fans feel comfortable, safe, and secure during their time at the ballpark. Our prefabricated structures can be used to meet these needs. They can be used in the following ways:

  • Security Booths: According to various sources, the average attendance at these games during the 2022 season was 26,808 people. This number increases during playoff games and the World Series. Although cheering fans can bring a lot of energy to the area, managing the crowds is not that easy. Our security guard booths can help your stadium staff manage crowds easily. They are equipped with tinted windows to make it easy for security personnel to monitor the area without being seen. We can also provide portable security booths that can be moved around the stadium if you need to ensure a high level of security.

    Security Booths

  • Parking Attendant Booths: Parking at a professional sporting event can be stressful without proper systems in place. Stadiums typically have different parking areas for staff, players, and fans. Our parking attendant booths can make it easy for stadium staff to greet and direct people to their proper parking area. We equip these booths with a secure cash drawer, desk and sliding doors, allowing parking attendants to accept payment from those in their vehicles. Guardian Booth has helped stadiums across the United States manage their designated parking areas with well-equipped parking attendant booths.

    Parking Attendant Booths

  • Concession Stands: A baseball game is nothing without some good food, and a cold beverage. Our prefab structures can be designed to meet your stadium’s diverse gameday needs. We have custom sizes available so you have the proper space needed to move around and store your items. Our prefabricated structures are offered with a key so you can lock up your space when finished to prevent theft.

    Concession Stands

  • Information Kiosks: Our ticketing booths provide the perfect solution for fans to purchase season ticket packages, 50/50 raffle tickets, programs, or a way to provide information to the fans. You can place these in a central location in your stadium, and customize them with your team’s logo to make them stand out, and accessible to fans. This setup provides an excellent opportunity to advertise, thereby helping boost team revenue. Thus, our ticketing booths offer the perfect option to meet your needs for an information kiosk at your MLB stadium.

Does your stadium have what it needs to make the most of this MLB season? We can provide you with prefabricated structures that can be customized to meet your stadium’s needs. At Guardian Booth, we manufacture, customize, and engineer booths and prefabricated structure solutions that meet the security and logistics requirements of your MLB stadium. Contact us today to see how we can help you find the right structure for your stadium.

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