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5 Reasons Why Outdoor Employees Need a Prefab Shelter

Prefab Shelter- prefab shelters for outdoor laborers

It’s no secret that some of the most important jobs in the US are done outside by manual laborers. In fact, over 90% of protective service and construction workers are done primarily outdoors.

To protect some of America’s finest workers, it’s essential that those who work outside are provided with a place to work or to take breaks. Prefab shelter installation is a simple, inexpensive, and efficient way to take care of these employees.

Whether you’re looking to give a security guard a place to work or a construction worker a space to relax their muscles, there’s a lot you need to know. Read on to learn about pre-built shelters and some of the main benefits that come along with installing them.

1. A Prefab Shelter Performs Multiple Functions

The first reason that a prefabricated shelter is essential to employees is that they perform multiple functions. One possible use for such a structure is as an actual place of work. For security guards, ticket checkers, parking attendants, gas station attendants, and more, a prefab booth will be the place that they spend the majority of their shift.

Because of this, it needs to be comfortable. Outdoor workers will be spending all of their downtime in the booth and therefore will use it as a space to sit and rest between customers. They also will use it as a space to organize their things, interact with colleagues, and talk to customers.

If an outdoor employee did not have a shelter in which to do these many tasks, they wouldn’t be able to work effectively.

For those who work outside and will not be in pre built shelters all day, it’s still critical that there is a place to retreat. Lifeguards, amusement park workers, construction workers, and other manual laborers need a place where they can get out of the sun for a while. This presents illness and exhaustion.

When you buy portable shelter, you make for the perfect area to sit down for a 5-minute break and drink some water. It performs the function of keeping employees happy and healthy so that they work better while on the clock.

Additionally, many employees are likely smokers that need an outdoor smokers shelter to light up a cigarette in. It’s better to provide a contained shelter for smoker employees where these workers can take smoke breaks so they aren’t wandering around their outdoor workspace with lit tobacco. Prefabricated outdoor portable smoking shelters are essential.

2. Prefab Shelters Protect Workers From the Elements

Outdoor workers face on-the-clock hazards that those who work indoors do not. Over the past decade, over 350 workers nationwide have died as a result of heat-related illness on the job. Tens of thousands have had heat-related illnesses serious enough to keep them out of work.

This does not even account for those who were injured as a result of slipping and falling in rain or snow or those who were harmed by colder temperatures.

You may want to buy prefabricated shelter for a sturdy and effective way to keep employees out of these conditions. If a person is checking tickets for an amusement park, there is no reason that they need to be outside in hot weather. The AC that an indoor booth can provide can prevent severe health problems.

Those who must work outdoors, such as construction workers, need a place that they can retreat and cool down after labor-intensive work in the heat. Since these manual jobs also pose a greater risk of injury than other occupations, prefab booths will provide a place to ice minor injuries and rest pulled muscles.

Additionally, custom shelters give vulnerable employees a place where they know that they are safe. Security guards work long hours and tend to be present 24 hours a day. Midnight shifts amplify the chances of assault and other crimes taking place in which employees are victimized.

If these workers are outside and in the dark, they will be at a higher risk of attack. However, if they have a well-lit indoor space to retreat to with a coworker or surveillance cameras, these chances become much lower.

Scenarios for Protection

There are many scenarios in which workers will need to be protected. Some situations include when you need to:

  • Buy a bus shelter (meaning a prefabricated bus shelter)
  • Buy garden shelter
  • Buy portable shelter
  • Buy animal shelter
  • Buy camping shelter
  • Buy shelter canopy
  • Buy shelter for homeless people / buy a homeless shelter
  • Buy equipment shelter
  • Buy BBQ shelter
  • Buy a field shelter

As you can see, there are a multitude of different times when a prefab shelter might work for you!

3. They Provide a Space for Belongings

In addition to being a safe space for workers, prefabricated shelters are also a safe place for their belongings. Outdoor employees likely have many items that they bring to work but can’t keep on their person while performing their job. Items like cell phones, wallets, jackets, and spare pairs of shoes all need a secure place to be stored.

Parking booths and other pre built shelters are completely secure and can be fitted with all varieties of locks. As a result of hiring prefabricated shelters manufacturers, you won’t need to worry about your employees losing their own items or expensive company equipment.

Pump shelters (or a single pump shelter), outdoor smoking shelters for home and commercial use, a prefab bus shelter, canopy shelters, prefabricated park shelters, and prefab emergency shelters all serve this purpose. The possibilities are limitless!

4. They Save Both Time and Money

Prefab structures save both time and money for the companies that use them. Since you will need to have a shelter of some kind, getting a prefabricated one will save on installation time and costs.

You will be able to allocate the money that you would have used to build a permanent fixture into developing your business’s core services. You will also be able to use the time that you saved to begin your operations more quickly.

The Benefits of Comfort

However, this is not the only way that finding a prefab shelter for sale can save your business time. Because employees will be more comfortable, they will be more efficient while on the clock. Those who are too hot, too cold, or have been on their feet too long tend to work more slowly.

The principle is the same for those who use prefab homeless shelters: being exposed to extreme temperatures is uncomfortable and ineffective.Using heated bus shelters, for example, can save people a lot of discomfort.

Why Buy Beach Shelter (to Protect Against Heat?)

Giving workers a place to sit and be at a comfortably-maintained temperature also boosts employee satisfaction and engagement. This has a plethora of benefits including saving time and money that would otherwise have been spent replacing those who quit. There will also be no need to invest in training new workers frequently.

Standing outside can also become really sunny. When you buy outdoor shelter, this means that you buy a sun shelter for your employees. Similarly to when you buy a beach sun shelter, prefab outdoor shelters also double as a prefab picnic shelter.

Prefabricated Steel Shelter for Lawsuit Prevention

Another way in which a prefab shelter saves money is by preventing lawsuits. If a natural disaster like a lightning strike takes place and injures a worker that did not have an enclosed space, you will be open to a lawsuit. This is an unlikely scenario, but it has happened before and should be prevented when possible.

More likely lawsuits include those regarding heat sickness and heat stroke due to a lack of air-conditioned shelter. If you don’t have a structure with a built-in AC unit, people can prove that they had nowhere to retreat to prevent this illness. This is against workplace regulations in many states and therefore can cost you a lot of money.

It’s best to just prevent these lawsuits in the first place and buy metal shelter (or buy wooden shelter).

 5. Prefabricated Shelters Are Easy to Install

It’s clear that your outdoor employees need prefab shelters (like aluminum shelters) to keep them comfortable and prevent legal issues from arising. But why are prefabricated booths the best choice?

Prefabricated buildings, by definition, have all of their parts assembled off-site. This means that the sturdy metal and plastic framework that holds a prefab shelter together will come in easy-to-assemble sheets.

Prefab shelters manufacturers will then bring these parts to the construction site and put together to create a building. You won’t need to deal with any construction taking place on-site besides fastening the pre-made parts together.

It’s just as easy to add other features to prefabricated shelters as it is to add them in other buildings. All you need to do is enter the features that you want- built-in AC, tinted windows, breaker panel, outdoor spotlights, and more- into the order form when you create your building.

These functions will be easily assembled along with your main structure. You won’t need to worry about them taking a long time to complete since they will be incorporated into the framework of your prefab pieces.

Because of the easy installation process, it’s easy to expand a prefab booth. Suppose that you expand your team of ticket checkers because your venue gets larger. You will need more space for employees that you previously did not need to accommodate.

You can easily knock down one wall of your ticket booth, add more prefab panels to create more space, and close it up again. This is a much easier process than needing to deconstruct and rebuild a permanent fixture.

Get Building!

While there are many ways that you can provide shelter for outdoor employees, nothing is nearly as effective as a prefabricated booth. These structures are protective, contained, financially efficient, and easy to install.

Get an estimate as to how much your prefab shelter will cost. On our page, you can choose the exact size and shape of your booth before adding in additional features. This allows you to see more precise prefabricated shelters prices for your order before it is even placed so that you know that you are getting exactly what you need.

Once that’s done, you can buy large shelter tens materials (or simply a metal or wood prefabricated shelter for sale) ASAP.

We look forward to working with you soon!

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