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Gas Station Attendant Booths: Affordable Solutions for Your Gas Station

Find the Perfect Gas Station Attendant Booth for Sale

An affordable attendant booth or kiosk booth for sale can be hard to come by when you’re not willing to sacrifice quality, efficiency, or security.

We’ve got good news for you.

Quality and Customization for Your Gas Station Needs

At Guardian Booth, we believe you (and your gas station attendants) deserve the same level of quality you provide your customers every day. We manufacture each attendant booth with your specific needs in mind. Not only is our gas booth affordable; each gas station kiosk is customized to cater to your specifications.

Enhanced Security for Your Gas Station Attendants

Your gas station cashier is handling cash all day. What are you doing to protect your assets? Choose a gas station booth designed to deter theft and keep the gas attendant safe at all times. Of course, the gas station booth is built with a locking door. The gas station desk is designed with a drawer and an optional safe tucked neatly under the desk to keep large sums of cash safe throughout the day before you have time to deposit it. 

Improved Surveillance and Safety Features

Chances are pretty good you already have surveillance cameras on your property, but how effective is the footage if your gas station is not fully illuminated twenty-four seven? Wired and installed in the exterior corners, our LED spotlights are the perfect addition to your security monitoring system. Swivel them to point in any direction to deter criminals long before they strike. For maximum privacy and security, choose a gas station security window that is either mirror or black tint with shatter-resistant film.

Efficient Customer Service and Upselling Opportunities

Communicate with your customers and take full advantage of opportunities to upsell with a gas station kiosk that features large sliding glass windows on three sides and a window on the door to make spotting and assisting motorists easy. A service station attendant can make available everything they need by stocking your attendant booth with merchandise like snacks, beverages, motor oil, antifreeze, and windshield wipers.

Affordable and Comfortable Gas Station Attendant Booths

We manufacture the attendant booth you can comfortably afford. Our goal is for our booth station or kiosk booths for sale to give your gas station attendant a comfortable environment while servicing your needs.

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  • Own It

    You deserve the same level of quality you provide your customers every day. Choose an attendant booth designed just for you.

  • Protect Assets

    Keep your cash register and employees safe at all times with our locking door, optional shatter-resistant windows and LED spotlights.

  • Fight Back

    When Mother Nature gives you her worst, our booth is built to keep employees safe, dry, and warm.

  • Come On Out

    Take advantage of our optional sliding doors that allow you to step out safely and service customers in an instant.

  • Sell More

    Turn your attendant booth into a golden opportunity by adding useful items for sale.

Recommended Features for Gas Station Attendant Booth

Guardhouse for sale with mounted and with LED spotlights



  • Deter theft, protect your employees, and provide a safe place for customers to do business with you regardless of your gas station’s location.
  • Our bright LED spotlights are the perfect addition to your security monitoring system.
  • They are wired and installed in the exterior corners, can be swiveled to point in any direction, and include a separate light switch.
Security shed with tinted window



  • Don’t fall victim to robbery. Our shatter-resistant film stops criminals dead in their tracks.
  • Choose between mirror and 15% black tint to protect your assets, offer maximum privacy, reduce heat, and even block harmful UV rays.


Are your booths made in the USA?

While we shop around the globe to find the strongest and highest quality material for your booth, the end product is designed and manufactured in the United States.

Can your booths be fully customized?

Yes, we offer a variety of custom sizes, specifications, and options. Contact us for a quote to fit your needs.

Do you ship to anywhere in the United States?

Yes, we deliver to the West Coast, East Coast and all across the country. In fact, we offer free nationwide delivery when you purchase a standard size booth. Please click here to contact us for a free quote.

Does your booth have an extended overhang?

There is a overhang of approximately 4 inches around the roof of our standard booth, and you can upgrade to a larger overhang as needed.

How many outlets are inside the booth?

There are two 110V outlets inside the booth. If you need more, we can certainly provide a quote for more outlets per your specifications, inside or outside the booth.

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