Guardian Booth continues to operate as an essential business. We are prioritizing the production of booths for hospitals, health care facilities, COVID-19 testing centers, and other essential sites. Please don't hesitate to contact us with your booth inquiry. We're looking forward to continue serving your needs with prefabricated booths during these difficult times.

Prefabricated Booths Built With You In Mind

Security shack for guards

Security Guard Booth

  • Deter trespassing and theft.
  • Keep guards safe at all times.
  • 360 degree vantage point.
  • Comfortable and weather resistant.
  • Pre fab and customizable booths
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Prefab parking attendant booths for parking lot

Parking Attendant Booth

  • Assist customers, collect fees and organize keys efficiently.
  • Comfortable and completely weatherproof.
  • Large sliding windows on all sides.
  • Optional hooks to keep everyone’s keys organized.
  • Get your prefab booth delivered right away
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Portable guard shack and security booth

Portable Security Booth

  • Move around the job site or property with a portable trailer booth
  • Monitor and manage employees and visitors.
  • Prefab booth includes desk and drawer.
  • Easily powered by a generator on the trailer.
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Portable prefab ticket booth

Ticket Booth

  • Collect fees at the entrance of your stadium, theater, or raceway.
  • Spacious and ventilated.
  • Portable for carnivals in the summer
  • Desk with built-in drawer for organization.
  • Travel from venue to venue.
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Prefab gas station attendant booth

Gas Station Attendant Booth

  • You deserve the same level of quality you provide your customer every day.
  • Keep your cash register and employees safe
  • Locking door, optional shatter-resistant windows and LED spotlights.
  • Optional sliding doors that allow you to step out safely.
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Prefabricated cashier booth

Cashier Booth

  • Locking door and key.
  • Desk with drawer.
  • Optional safe under desk to keep cash safe between deposits.
  • Large sliding windows to accept payments quickly.
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Prefab modular factory office

Modular Factory Office

  • Everything you need to be productive.
  • Top-notch quality for a price you can afford.
  • Double layer of durable insulated panels.
  • Communicate with workers and monitor their progress in real time.
  • Move your office around the warehouse to monitor activity as it happens.
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