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Portable Smoking Shelters: Enjoy Weatherproof Enclosures

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A significant number of people in any workplace may be accustomed to smoking. While some smoke-free laws and ordinances recently came into effect, it is highly challenging to get people to give up this habit. But you can protect the needs of the non-smoking segment of your employees with portable smoking shelters.

You can install these prefabricated shelters in your office outdoors and shield nonsmokers from secondhand smoke. They also provide the smokers at your workplace with a private space where they don’t get interrupted.

With smoking bans in public spaces, these indoor smoking tents are a great way to meet everyone’s needs.

What does a smoking shelter have?

A smoking booth or smoker shed resembles a bus vestibule and provides a designated area for smokers to indulge comfortably, without getting alienated. While more and more businesses and facilities practice anti-smoking laws, there are fewer spaces where you can smoke.

Whether you have a corporate office, hospital, cafe, or any other business, you can easily install an outdoor smoking room to cater to your visitors’ needs that smoke.

A portable smoking shelter can be a fully-enclosed or partially open structure with glass or translucent Plexiglas walls.

People congregating around your building entrances or parking lots may be unsightly. By having a smoker shed, you can prevent people from standing on the pathways of your facility.

These wind-resistant outdoor smoking shelters are budget-friendly solutions that you can construct in no time. They can either be freestanding or installed permanently on your premises.

Depending on your facility’s needs and available space, you can also choose an indoor smoking tent. Using exhaust vents, an air purification system, and other features, you can get the smokers hut inside and not worry about smoke’s harmful effects. You can comply with the smoking shelter regulations and keep your outdoors from looking congested.

Based upon the smoking shelter design, they can have integrated seating options, customized electrical systems to provide ample lighting at all times, charging ports, trash cans, and cigarette bins. Some winter smoking shelters may even have a door to keep the users safe from chilly weather.

Portable smoking booths help comply with the policies

The government has made several initiatives to curb the use of tobacco products and reduce the effects of secondhand smoke. Some people may not be ready to give up their habit or may take time to quit. In such cases, showing them some compassion and helping them with accepting the policy may increase their willingness to comply.

Nicotine gum and lozenges act as tobacco and nicotine replacement products that help smokers trying to kick their habit. These products help relieve nicotine cravings and keep the users from getting tempted. Likewise, e-cigarettes deliver nicotine in vapor form rather than as smoke. There is no secondhand exposure to smoke with e-cigarettes.

Similarly, smoking shelters workplace can help organizations comply with these smoke-free air laws. You can plan for success by understanding their needs and how to provide the proper accommodation for them while protecting the health of other guests, residents, or workers.

By putting up a few prefabricated smoking shelters for sale, you provide them with a sense of autonomy and respect their privacy. They don’t need to go out into an off-location or get forced to break the rules at their workplace.

You can install an outdoor smoking shelter anywhere in the facility, rooftop, patio, exterior waiting space, lounge or garden area. But do make sure to set up the smoking shelter in a public area, such as near your on-premises security shack, to ensure safety for smokers coming in and out.

Smoking sheds for all weather conditions

As a company that cares for non-smoking employees and those that love to have a puff, you can give them temporary portable smoking tents.

Many facilities do not let anyone smoke indoors, and smoker sheds become the best alternative spaces for designated outdoor smoking areas. You can ensure that all your employees remain happy and provide a comfortable zone for smokers.

Since many patrons do not smoke, you cannot have people smoking openly in random areas of your business establishment. Install smoking sheds suitable for multiple environments.

No matter the weather, whether it is rainy or snowing outside, you have optimum protection within the heated smoking shelters. You can also customize the design to incorporate tinted hurricane glass to shield you from the harsh sun and reflect heat.

There are a lot of heating, lighting and design options to consider -from basic aluminum smoke shelters to those with a hip roof or wind-resistant outdoor smoking shelters made of a strong galvanized steel framing. Being UV and tear-resistant and fire retardant, these constructions offer ample protection against corrosion and the elements.

Benefits of weatherproof smokers huts

Help address barriers

Smokers shelters are portable structures that you can fix in any area of your facility. This advantage addresses the concerns of people with disabilities. They comply with the smoke-free policy and when indoor smoking tents are placed near the elevators, they are easy to access.

Quick installation

Adding prefabricated smoking shelters is not a big deal. You just need to check with the permits of local building departments and get them erected in two days or less. As the shelters arrive in a ready-to-install shape, there is less conventional construction required, which implies less labor and no need for multiple contractors. There is minimal or no downtime, as the installation does not interfere with your daily activities.

Cut down on litter

Having designated spaces for smoking means there is not much litter lying around in your facility. People do not litter your areas with discarded cigarette butts or ash. Many portable smoking shelters workplace come with trash receptacles and outdoor ashtrays that take care of any unsightly mess. They can help keep your property cleaner and improve the curb appeal.


When smokers are not using the spaces, anyone can gather in these perfect hangout spots during their short coffee breaks. Sometimes, when you need to conduct an impromptu meeting, they also make for attractive cabins, tents, or canopies to impress your customers. Since they protect you from rain, sleet, wind, hail, or snow, they can serve multiple purposes, from waiting rooms to lunch gatherings. And if you find that the smoking shelter is no longer being used by smokers, maybe consider repurposing it as a security shack that you can either use or sell.

Low maintenance

The main cost you will be investing when you get a smoking shelter for sale is on its purchase. You can keep it clean with a simple maintenance routine. Rainwater runoff, sleet, snow, bird droppings, leaves, or sap are easy to remove from both peak or house-style shelters. Since they have extra space for ash urns and trash cans, there will be little mess.

Stylish designs

When you have an incredible exterior to the building, you will want to match all the construction elements. Make your exterior components look in sync with one another with stylish smoking shed designs. You can incorporate architectural enhancements that match the building or the hardscape. Choose from the various available colors, framing types, sizes, configurations, and shapes for your location.


Smokers can keep an eye on their surroundings with clear tempered safety glass that offers full perimeter viewing and glare and heat reduction. Besides, they can ensure the safety of the employees or residents in harsh climate or during certain times of the day. At nights, the shelters remain well-lit with various lighting provisions and even reduce energy bills with solar-powered LEDs or battery options.

Cost- effective

One of the primary considerations for any business owner will be cost savings. Buying smoking shelters is cost-effective as you get a quality structure that you can reconfigure or relocate. These portable structures cover employees, guests, family, or other residents without spending a lot of money.

What makes for a good portable smoking shelter?

The basic structure includes a roof and three walls. It can be fully enclosed, with windows, an A/C unit, exhaust fans, or an air purifier, which makes the entire system a smoking cabin.

Smoking shelters workplace are not the only types of structures in use. They are installed at various facilities like senior living centers, where it will be necessary for the staff to remain in close quarters at all times. Smokers can use them to get their “me-time” away from their duties and be back to their places in a short while.

So, the shelter placement is crucial – it should not be too close to the exit door as the smoke emanating can be unpleasant to nonsmokers. However, it should be close to the building so smokers can access it easily without disrupting their work.

The internal furnishings can be accommodating, such as a bin for cigarette butts, bench seating, etc. You can also add radiant heaters, exhaust fans, lighting, and ventilation systems. More than anything, the sheds should withstand severe weather conditions and be fire, water, rust and vandal-proof.

Get a smoke-free workplace with portable smoking shelters

Guardian Booth provides quality essential products for businesses of all sizes. Browse our collection of premade portable smoking shelters for sale and pick the one that suits your facility. Get designated weather-proof smoking areas to accommodate your patrons, guests, and clients who wish to smoke. Contact us now for affordable smoking shelter prices.

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