Warehouse Grow Room Design: Growing Weed in a Modular Grow Room

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Here’s Why You Should Grow Weed in a Modular Grow Room Construction

Grow Weed in a Modular Grow Room construction

The way that plants are grown, especially cannabis, has evolved over time. Modular cannabis grow rooms involve taking the growth from outdoors and finding ways to grow marijuana indoors. This is where the modular grow room, also known as a weed grow room, comes into play.

These modular grow solutions are paving the way for future innovation when it comes to growing weed. When it comes to the modular grow room construction industry, you may have various questions that have kept you from digging into growroom construction (no pun intended). What are the best commercial grow room design plans? What is the purpose of a shed grow room? Where can I find a grow shed for sale?

Below we’re going to provide a guide that encompasses all you need to know about how to build a commercial grow room and how to start a commercial grow room business that can flourish. By the time you’re done reading this article you’ll know a lot more about how to build a grow room in a shed, why grow room wall material is an important factor to consider, the benefits of prefabricated grow rooms, and what else the modular room design should take into consideration.

Control of Internal Temperature in a Prefabricated Grow Room

There is a sweet spot for growing marijuana plants, which may change based on the strain of plant that you’re seeking to grow. Without making specific temperature arrangements, the natural warehouse grow room design may not be conducive for high-yield weed growth. Just like many other plants, if it’s too warm, it can dry out your soil quickly and leave your plants scorched and exposed to the harshness of the sun. At the same time, if the temperatures surrounding your plants are too cold, it can stifle their growth. When the temperature is too hot or too cold, it can damage the grow rooms weed yield that you’re able to obtain from your harvest.

This is why a modular indoor grow room is ideal for those seeking to grow cannabis. With the right cannabis grow room design, you can control the temperature that your plants are exposed to during all stages of the growth cycle.

A temperature-controlled weed room will help ensure the health of your plants and will help to yield a higher percentage of plants when it’s time to harvest them.

Lighting Selection in Prefab Grow Rooms

Lighting in a commercial grow room helps plants to begin what is known as photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is when a plant takes the light that it’s absorbed from the sun and uses it to create food; it needs to grow into an adult plant.

When plants are not grown in a grow booth, you’ll find that you don’t have as much control over the lighting they receive as you would like to. Another reason to use a warehouse grow room is that you have control over the number of lights in the room that your plants are surrounded by.

UV lights for growing weed are crucial when being used in grow boxes because there are several benefits from using them. UV lights help to increase the amount of resin that plants produce, not to mention it keeps pests away and increases CBD and THC levels that are naturally found within the plant, allowing you to capitalize on your commercial grow box configuration.

This protects your plants and provides you with a more potent overall product.

Outdoor Grow Rooms Offer Better Air Quality

The air that your plants are exposed to in the commercial grow rooms is essential for their growth and development. When plants don’t have the proper air circulation, it can lead to a host of problems for the plant, including issues with mold and attracting pests that could potentially destroy the flowering buds.

Within modular indoor room walls, you can control the amount of CO2 circulating around your pests. When you first begin with climate control inside of your grow box, you might not always get it right the first time around.

It’s recommended that you use some type of air conditioning system within your grow room to provide the right amount of circulating air to your plants. In some cases, you might find that simulating a breeze is vital to plant growth.

What does simulating a breeze do for cannabis plants? It helps the stems to become stronger and withstand breakage that could ruin plant production. There have even been studies done on sunflowers to show how wind strengthens their stems and those of other plants.

Controlling air circulation helps to keep the atmosphere dry and is ideal for plant growth.

Being able to control the air quality of your outdoor grow shed also gives you the ability to control the odor.

Why Does Odor Control Matter in Weed Growing Rooms?

The first reason that plant odor matters is if you’re in an area where your neighbors might not be accustomed to the scent of marijuana. It’s about being respectful to those that are living around you and not making them feel as if they are living inside of a continuously flowering joint.

Even if you live in an area where marijuana plant growth is common, this doesn’t mean that everyone will welcome the smell of your plants with open arms. Another reason odor control is essential is that you’re protecting your plants.

If you’re in an area where growing is legal, you may want to be aware that when someone smells flowering plants, they may want to sample some product without your permission. If you’re in an area that isn’t as accepting of marijuana growth, you don’t want to call more attention to yourself than necessary.

Now that you’ve got an idea of the reasons why you should look into a commercial grow room for your marijuana harvest, it’s time to take a look at the type of paneling that can be used within preassembled buildings.

Wall Panels for Grow Rooms

When you’re looking into the design of your commercial grow room, one thing that should be considered is what the walls in the grow room are made of. Choosing the right grow room wall panels is a question of more than the looks. There are tons of cultivation modular panels and types of materials for sale for your grow room panels, but many are not the the best type of materials.

Below you’ll find some of the most common insulated panels that people tend to choose from when it comes to the choice of grow room walls they will use within their modular grow room.

PVC Panels

The first type of grow room panels that we will discuss is PVC panels. PVC wall panels for grow room offer a significant advantage when it comes to cannabis plants thriving within your modular grow room.

The first advantage is that light is able to be reflected off the PVC panels and back onto the plants. As previously discussed, light helps the plants to create the food they need to continue growing stronger and healthier into the adult plants that they’re meant to be.

Another reason that people might choose PVC for their outdoor grow box is that PVC is a durable that can withstand various dents or scratches that it might sustain during your time spent in the grow room.

When creating your grow room design, you should focus on how PVC panels are resistant to humidity. Air that is too stiff or humid can cause issues when you’re attempting to grow your plants, issues that could leave you losing entire crops if not controlled from the beginning.

So consider going down the road of a PVC grow box and you’ll reap the benefits.

FRP Panels

FRP stands for fiberglass reinforced plastic panels and might prove ideal inside of small grow rooms. Someone might select this type of modular grow room panel because they are easy to maintain and don’t require a lot of maintenance to keep them in pristine condition.

Another reason for the recommendation to use these FRP panels grow room is that you can use various types of material when layering your wall surface before placing the panel on the top as the finishing touch. These materials can be used within the walls and ceiling of your modular grow room.

Modular Indoor Room Cost

Nowadays, customization is essential when it comes to the commercial cannabis grow room design. When seeking to customize you’re outdoor grow shed, you might want to consider the specific dimensions you’re looking for when creating the shelter.

There are other features of your weed rooms that will alter the final price of your booth. Are you wanting insulated paneling? Do you want double-layered paneling?

All these things will increase the overall cost of your modular grow room in the end. It’s helpful to know these things before you begin your grow room construction.

If you’re not certain of what you want to do regarding grow rooms for sale, you can always consult with an expert and ask for their suggestion regarding small grow room design plans and space configuration ideas for grow rooms, as well as what’s considered to be reasonable cannabis grow shed prices.

Modular Grow Room: The Promise of Fruitful Plants

A modular grow room provides you with 100% control of the crops you’re intending to grow. The only caveat to having total control over modular plant growth would be the intrusion of outsiders who come in unsupervised. To avoid any issues with that regard, many research grow room security tips and follow guidelines, or even take it a step further and even implement grow room security systems as a deterrent.

Without the advantages that an indoor grow booth provides, such as control over the lighting that helps the plants make food or the air circulation that controls odor, it can be challenging to grow your plants.

In the end, the first step you’ve got to take towards owning a successful weed growing room and figuring out how to grow weed in your room is finding someone to help create the modular grow room of your dreams. Contact Guardian Booth and place your order for your personalized booth for a reasonable cost.

Even once you know the features you’re looking for in a cannabis grow box for sale, Guardian Booth is the expert in grow shed design and will ensure that your modular grow rooms have everything you might need, starting from the outdoor grow room design to the best wall panels for grow room and UV light for growing weed! If your needs are more specific, consider custom grow rooms, or even a trailer grow room, as a worthwhile avenue to explore with us.

Want to find out more about the guard booths that Guardian Booth is famous for? Contact us today!


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