Guard Shack Rental vs Buying: A Guide to Making the Right Choice

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Renting vs Buying Guard Shacks: How to Decide the Best Option for Your Security Needs


Guard booth for sale or rental

Guardian Booth security guard booth at Circuit of the Americas sports center in Austin, TX

When it comes to enhancing your security, choosing between buying or renting a guard shack can be a critical decision. This comprehensive guide will help you navigate the pros and cons of each option, providing insights into factors such as cost considerations, flexibility, and customization. Whether you’re considering a small portable guard shack or a larger prefabricated security booth, we’ll explore the unique aspects of each choice, helping you determine the best solution for your specific security needs.

For many companies, prefabricated and portable security booths are key to an effective security system. The advantage of being able to move a security booth to any location at any time, quickly and easily, can be invaluable for large organizations and high-traffic facilities. In fact, thousands of organizations – including private companies, government agencies, military branches, schools, and airports – invest in portable booths as part of their on-site security.

The decision of whether to proceed with a security guard shack for sale or security booth rentals is unique to each client and circumstance. Pros and cons between proceeding with guard shacks for rent or sale vary, each has its unique aspects.

Some prefer to begin with the purchase of a small portable guard shack, others prefer to start with a security guard booth rental that allows them to increase security without going all out and investing in a big booth prematurely. The flexibility and affordability of a small portable guard shack give you the opportunity to explore your needs and determine what best suits your specific guard shack needs before investing in pricier guard shacks for sale. Even if you’re need is just for a temporary guard shack, and you’re looking for a used guard shack, this information will be helpful to you as well.

As you are considering whether to rent or buy guard shacks, we’d like to provide you with additional pointers to help your decision. A guard shack ensures that traffic will be closely monitored, and puts you in control of potential threats. But, how can you know which prefab guard shack features are right for you? (You need not assume that big security booths do the job better; big booths come with limitations too.) To help you decide what features you need in an outdoor guard shack, here are the five most important things to consider when opting to buy, rent, or build a portable security booth.

Blue ticket booth outside a parking lot

Guardian Booth portable guard shack at the entrance to a construction site in Washington, DC

1. What is the Purpose of Your Guard Shack?

Every industry comes with its own unique set of potential threats, and this will determine what features you’ll need in your guard booth or small portable guard shack.

  • Will the primary purpose of your outside booth be for surveillance? If you require a surveillance hub, then you’ll need added ports in your security booth for internet so you can set up data and phone lines in the unit. Adding LED lights will make your guard shack a noticeable point at nighttime for easy accessibility. And if you want your guards to be able to observe bypassers without being seen, then you’ll need tinted windows. (Please ask us whether these features can be added to the guard shacks for rent if they do not come with the booth you are considering.)
  • Will the primary purpose of your parking lot guard booth be for traffic control? If your guard shack will be used to control and monitor people and/or vehicles coming in and going out of your facilities, then you’ll need to add an AC unit for hot weather conditions and heated baseboards for cold temperatures for the comfortability of the security booth interior. You should also consider installing a traffic arm controlled from the booth, and LED lights if the booth needs to be manned at night or to be used in conjunction with security cameras.

2. Where Will You Place Your Guard Shack?

Guard shacks can be strategically placed just about anywhere, from facility entrances to surveillance towers, to parking lots and construction sites. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when planning to invest in a small portable guard shack or larger prefabricated guard shacks:

  • Will your guard shack be placed on a jobsite? If the answer is positive, then think portable security guard booths. In work environments where equipment or inventory is regularly relocated, you’ll want your portable guard shack to be as easy to move around as possible. Adding caster wheels with lockable brakes to a small portable guard shack will make it easy to quickly move your booth around a job site or industrial complex. This is usually an option on smaller units such as 4′ x 4′ or 4′ x 6′ portable shacks. For larger portable guard shacks that require mobility, it is typically more practical to go with a trailer booth. Portable shacks and portable guard towers offer greater flexibility and versatility in meeting your guardshack needs as they can easily be relocated to meet the varied demands.

    Interior of a prefabricated guard shack with a built-in AC unit, electrical and sliding windows.

    Interior of a guard booth manufactured by Guardian Booth

  • Will your guard shack be placed at the entrance gate? For outdoor facilities that require nighttime surveillance, such as construction sites and parking lots, you’ll need LED spotlights for safety and visibility at night. A duplex ethernet port and phone line will also make it easier for your staff to communicate remotely, such as with security personnel in the building or with police.

If you buy a guard booth or even a small portable guard shack that will be used in hot weather, consider adding tinted windows to block harmful UV rays in addition to a built-in A/C unit to keep the shack cool. In colder weather, baseboard heaters are a space-efficient solution to keep your booth warm. You can also upgrade the booth to include an insulated floor or more dense insulation in the roof for extreme temperatures. The many customizable features of our prefabricated guard shacks allow you to design the guard booth to match your specific needs. As manufacturer of the guard shacks for rent that we carry, we may be able to add on many of these features to your booth rental.

3. What Potential Threats Will Your Guards Face?

You might be in an industry or location with a high risk of major crime or even concern for terrorist attacks. In the event of a potential threat, your security guards are your first line of defense and will need protection against a strong force. Portable guard buildings should provide this.

  • Do your guards need protection from major potential threats, such as aggravated assault involving weapons or potential terrorist attacks? If your prefabricated guard booth needs to be bulletproof or blast proof, then ballistic resistant booths will do the job. This feature is often used on military bases and can be added without inhibiting the mobility of your booth. Bulletproof or tempered windows are also an optional add-on feature to standard booths. You will want your booth to mirror a police booth design as much as possible.
  • Do your guards need to protect you against theft, robbery, and vandalism? If so, then you’ll need external LED spotlights, 360-degree windows that are tinted for security purposes, and video surveillance cameras to discourage potential mischief and give your security staff an extra set of eyes on the job. You’ll also want to have a small metal locker or steel security safe installed inside the 360 degree video booth for sale to keep belongings and smaller business assets safe.

4. How Will You Ensure a Comfortable Workstation?

Prefabricated guard shacks aren’t just for protection. They’re also built to be comfortable workstations for your staff.

Interior of a prfabricated guard shack turned into a working station with desk and chair.

Prefab guard shack turned into a comfortable working station.

Consider including these feature accessories to enhance the comfort of your prefabricated guard shacks:

  • Will your staff be working for long hours or far away from the main facilities? If you add a built-in restroom to your booth, your staff won’t need to leave the guard shack as frequently.
  • Will space be an issue? To accommodate high-traffic or otherwise tight spaces such as building interiors, theme park entrances, and construction sites, you can opt for a sliding door instead of a swinging door. Large guard shack windows not only provide a 360-degree view but also prevent claustrophobia in smaller units. You can also add a second door to larger booths to improve the flow of people coming into and out of small guard shacks.
  • Will your staff require a lot of office supplies? If so, customize the inside security booth to suit your needs. Include an extra desk with a drawer to give your staff more workspace while keeping the interior of a small guard shack organized.

5. How Will You Brand Your Booth?

If you’re upgrading your company’s security, the outside of your booth makes a convenient surface to market your brand or to post any helpful information for your customers.

  • Will you need to display your logo or important information on your booth? If so, then you can customize the exterior color and design of your prefabricated guard shacks accordingly. You also have the option to include a vinyl protective wrap to ensure your custom guard shacks retain their brand-new appearance for years. This is also a economical way to upgrade a security guard rental with a facelift and new look so that it won’t feel like a used portable guard shack. Even in the situation where you’re utilizing temporary guard shacks, removable yet durable signage can be affixed to the outside to reflect the booth’s current use.


A small portable guard shack or prefabricated security guard booth helps you operate securely, efficiently, and professionally. When looking into purchasing a used portable guard shack for sale, knowing the features you need to match the needs of your business, you’ll make the most of your guard shack investment while ensuring the safety and well-being of your employees.

Prefabricated security guard booths have many other advantages. They’re:

  • Affordable. Prefabricated security booths are less expensive than permanent structures. For one-time or seasonal use, a portable security booth rental can also be an option.
  • Versatile. Designed to provide security both indoors and outdoors, portable guard shacks include features like weather protection, 360-degree windows, and workstation desks equipped with phone and data connections.
  • Sturdy. Prefabricated and portable guard booths are designed with supplementary support to provide a stable and structurally sound working environment. In fact, once in place, prefabricated booths are typically more structurally sound than most buildings.
  • Space efficient. Prefabricated guard shacks are advantageous for parking lots, industrial facilities, theme parks, airports, and to supplement on other existing structures because they come pre-assembled. You can position them with minimal equipment and without excess construction that would disturb the environment.
  • Durable. Guard booths are made of durable material, be it a wooden guard shack or otherwise, will often retail their newly-made look for years after purchase.
  • Conserve resources. Because portable guard booths can be moved around on your property as needed instead of building a new structure on each location, they’ll reduce waste at your company and leave a smaller carbon footprint on the environment.

Please keep in mind that our manufacturing specialty carries over to other booth types, so if you’re looking for parking booth manufacturers, we can service your needs as well. We can help you choose the booth of your needs with just a few clicks – it really is that easy!

Custom designed guard booth outside of a parking lot.

Custom designed portable guard booth.

All of the prefabricated security booths and portable guard shacks at Guardian Booth are designed to meet the unique needs of our customers, and we provide a range of add-on features to ensure your booth is comfortable, secure, and aesthetically suited to your environment. Our goal is to take the utility of your prefabricated guard shacks to the maximum!

If you’re looking to purchase a more inexpensive options, we often times carry used security booths for sale. Depending on availability at the time, you may be lucky enough to find used guard shacks for sale that include all the features you need. If your need is for the short term, we may be able to secure a guard shack rental near you that matches with your specifications.

Not Ready to Buy Yet? Guard Booth Rentals May Be For You

Guard booth rentals are also a great option if you’re not ready to buy a guard shack immediately. Perhaps a temporary guard shack rental will suit your short-term needs. There are few maintenance and repair issues inherent to a guard booth rental, so with a guard shack rental you ensure that you know exactly what your monthly costs will be. When you own a booth you are responsible for repairs, storage, and moving it when you need to, whereas guard shack rentals do not have these issues. Contact us to find out what small portable guard shack or prefab security booths we have available for rent.

Regardless of your long-term purchase or rental plans, all our weather guard sheds are insulated and designed for year-round use. We use high-quality materials every step of the way, ensuring that whether you’re looking to buy a shack or secure a portable guard shack rental near you, you’ll receive a product you can be proud of!

If you’re considering guard shacks for rent, we hope this article helps you get a clear idea of what kind of prefabricated guard shacks you need. Learn more about Guardian Booth and our affordable prefabricated security booths at our website. Let us know what guard shack you envision, and we will design a portable guard shack tailored to the needs of your organization.

4x6 guard shack for sale

View our Gallery Page to see some really cool guard booths we’ve created. We’re also expert parking booth manufacturers and we’d be pleased to serve your needs!


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What are the benefits of a prefabricated and portable security booth?

Prefabricated and portable security booths offer flexibility and convenience. They can be moved to any location at any time, quickly and easily, making them ideal for large organizations and high-traffic facilities.

How do I decide between buying or renting a security guard shack?

The decision depends on your specific needs and circumstances. Factors to consider include your budget, the duration you need the booth for, and your long-term security plans.

What factors should I consider when choosing a security guard booth?

Consider the purpose of the guard shack, where it will be placed, potential threats the guards will face, how to ensure a comfortable workstation, and how to brand the booth.

What are the advantages of starting with a security guard booth rental?

Renting a security guard booth allows you to increase security without a large initial investment. It also provides flexibility, giving you the opportunity to explore your needs and determine what best suits your specific guard shack needs before investing in pricier guard shacks for sale.

What features should I look for in an outdoor guard shack?

Features to consider include surveillance capabilities, weather protection, comfort features for staff, and branding options.

How can prefabricated security guard booths be customized to suit my needs?

Prefabricated security guard booths can be customized with a range of add-on features to ensure the booth is comfortable, secure, and aesthetically suited to your environment.

What are the benefits of buying a used security booth?

Buying a used security booth can be a cost-effective option if you’re on a tight budget. Used booths can often include all the features you need at a lower cost.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of guard booth rentals?

Guard booth rentals offer flexibility and can be a cost-effective solution for short-term needs. However, you may be limited in terms of customization options, and over a long period, rental costs can add up.

How can a guard shack enhance my organization’s security?

A guard shack provides a visible security presence, helps control access to your facility, and can serve as a hub for surveillance activities.

What add-on features does Guardian Booth offer for their security booths?

Guardian Booth offers a range of add-on features including LED lights, tinted windows, AC units, heated baseboards, and customizable interior and exterior designs.

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