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Security Guard Equipment for Guard Shack

Businesses cannot take the chance of being without proper security protection and well-lit areas at entry points to prevent unauthorized intruders. Security guard booths are essential for mitigating risk and keeping your business safe.

Purchasing a Guardian Booth security shack is one of the best investments you can make for your business. Securing the perimeter is an important part of workplace security.  Meeting the needs of your facility, our security booths can be customized for your specific needs. Guardian Booth offers pre-fabricated sturdy weather resistant guard booth and security shack customizations for security needs, available with heating and air conditioning.

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Be Well Informed. Protect Your Business & Manage Risk

Guardian Booth is a manufacturer of superior quality security guard booths at affordable pricing. Our security booths offer custom designs that fit in with your architectural needs. We customize your booth shape and finishing, whether you’re looking for a standard security guardhouse, a wooden guard shack, a portable guard tower, or a branded vinyl wrap for your safety shack. We can install any type of guard shack or security shack in any type of corporate facility, parking structure, gas station, theme park, concert venue, constructions site, and municipalities.
Got one of these? Yes, you do! That’s why you need Guardian Booth.

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Give Your Business a Secure Presence with a Fabricated Guard Booth

Meeting the needs of your facility, our security guard shacks, information, and ticket booths can be customized for your specific needs. Guardian Booth knows how to build a guard shack that’s pre-fabricated, bullet resistant, sturdy weather resistant, and available with heating and air conditioning. This self contained security guard house is a central spot for security on your premises. If you are not prepared to have the guard house installation at one specific location, we also offer a mobile guard house option, where you booth is outfitted with caster wheels that allow your booth to be relocated easily as needed.

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Better Mental and Physical Health with Guard House Security In Place

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Having a security guard booth at your entrance gate makes customers and employees feel safe. Having a security guard at your place of business working in a security guard shack prohibits unauthorized visitors from entering the premises.

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In case of an emergency, the guard at the security booth can be the first point of contact, and your employees will know where to go for help. For ticket sales, you need a secure booth to take cash and dispense tickets for your venue.

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Construction site safety is your top priority. Entry and exit points, whether or not they have a security shack designated there, need to be clearly marked, keeping your workers safe- preventing occupational hazards.

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Having a security employee in a fabricated guard booth prevents people from sneaking in your entrance without a ticket, preventing a loss of revenue. A safety booth provides a secure environment for your employees to handle cash at an entrance for parking or ticket sales.

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You don’t want unauthorized cars in your parking lot. You certainly will not want to waste time towing cars. You need a clearly visible guard booth or security shack directing your customers to your valet, preventing traffic backup, and the ability to move cars efficiently.

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You need a portable workstation at your construction site that accommodates Wi-Fi and air conditioning. Gas stations security booths offer the first point of contact for customers. You will need a cashier drawer and a credit card scanner in a secured area for selling merchandise and dispensing cash.

Security shack first aid station

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Advantages of the Guardian Security Guard Booth

Manufactured with a 360- degree view vantage point allows your employees the ability to monitor the entire premise around them even when they are positioned in the guard house interior. Mirrored and tinted windows allow security guards to be shielded from the sun’s blinding rays, offering clear visibility no matter where the sun is in the daytime. Shatter- resistant booths provide the highest protection in case of a threat.

Durability of Guardian Booth’s Fabricated Guard Booth

Guardian Booths are built with two layers of durable aluminum and filled with weather-resistant insulation. Air conditioning and baseboard heaters offer comfort and safety among extreme weather conditions. We offer a fabricated guard booth with a built in restroom, letting employees feel comfortable reducing breaks away from the guard shack.


Guardian Booth can mount high tech add-on features. We can install illuminated LED swiveling spotlights on our guard booths to increase visibility past the guard gate, and bring increased visibility to the guard house location after dusk, and before dawn.

Where to Buy Security Guard Equipment and Security Guard Supplies

Security Guard Booth:

Your security booth will need security guard equipment. When your booth is equipped with the right supplies and security guard accessories your employees will be able to do their job more efficiently. Every security booth should be equipped with the following items:

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CCTV Surveillance Cameras. Install a security camera on your fabricated guard booth and in other locations to monitor different areas of your work site beyond the guard gate booth. They sell PTZ Security Cameras at CCTC Camera Pros

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Security Uniforms- Quartermaster sells a wide range of comfortable security uniforms with shirts, hats, jackets, and emblems, they got you covered. Visit their selection at Quarter Masters.

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Tactical Trauma Kits- It’s a good idea to have these kits on hand for an emergency. Should any trauma occur, they can be used until paramedics arrive. Buy affordable trauma kits at Rescue Essentials Products. Keep them on hand in an obvious place in the security booth interior.

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Batons- Security guards need to be equipped with equipment for defense in case of an intrusion of some kind. Batons complement security officers that do not carry a gun. They can be used to bring down a perpetrator in the line of defense. They also can prevent the use of an armed guard having to use a gun as the only weapon. Visit Galls for a wide selection of batons. Perhaps your guardshack should have 1 or 2 on hand.

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Handheld Radio Scanner- It’s important for security to hear of incidents in the area that can alert them to potential criminals coming to their area. Handheld radio scanners can be purchased at QuaterMaster, The Uniden Bearcat BC355C Scanner is a user-friendly choice.

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Wedge and Plate Barriers- Protect against vehicle threats. Visit Concentric Security for more information

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Beam Barriers- Barriers to entry should be crash tested. You can purchase them at Ameristar Perimeter Security. Consider a rising beam barrier bar that significantly improves perimeter entry security before a security gate.

With the right security guard equipment supply, your guards are safer and better prepared to handle any situation from their guardhouses.

Ticket Booth-Your Guardian ticket booth is the first thing your customers see upon entering your facility. You can purchase a portable booth if you move from venue to venue. Guardian Booths have multiple windows, making it easy for more than one employee to hand out tickets, reducing wait times for customers. Ticket booth supplies are needed for operational efficiency.

Security shack ticket booth

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Desktop Ticket Printer-Stimare manufactures desktop ticket printers. The STIMA SML is great for limited spaces and their product line ranges from small ticket printers to larger systems. They are ideal for every ticket booth used for events, and parking stations. They spit out one ticket at a time or multiple tickets for larger parties. Visit Stimare’s website for more information.

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Locking Drop Box -Handling lots of cash you will need to buy a locking drop box to keep cash locked and hidden. You can purchase a DuraBox Through-The-Door Locking Drop Box (D500) on Amazon.

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Tickets and Receipts -Stay organized and reduce clutter with tickets and receipts. Deluxe brand makes Carbonless Forms. Visit deluxe.

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Seating – Buy a swivel stool for your employee that offers full 360-degree swivel capability. It is more comfortable to sit if the shift hour is a long one. You can purchase a chair for your booth. Buy the Safco Lab Stool w/ Polyurethane Seat/Back Seat Height 17″ to 22″) at BTOD.

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Bollards- Bollards are used to alert people where to enter and where not to enter. They can be placed anywhere and are portable. They can also be permanently installed. Bollards are very useful when you have multiple booths installed at your location and have multiple lines. They can also block off parking access to cars driving up to a booth to alert to a no parking zone or to prevent pedestrians from entering a certain area. Visit  Calpipe Bollards  for a large selection of high-security bollards.

Information Booth:

Information booths provide a marketing aspect for visitors. They can house a security guard or customer service employee who is trained about all the information about your venue or event. Information booths will have brochures, maps, and information about your business that is handed out. Staying neat and organized lets you hand out information to your customers quickly.

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Brochures – Customized brochures can be ordered at Smartpress. They can also send you samples of paper stock options before you commit. You can upload your designs online and order at Smartpress

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Office Supplies – Pads of paper, pens and general office supplies can be found at Bulk Office Supply

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Wraps and Branding -Logo Designed Booths are a must to clearly mark the visitor’s booth. You can visit skyline, they are specialists at event marketing and branding for display.

Gas Station Attendant Booth:

Many gas stations do not have convenience stores, therefore a gas station attendant booth is a requirement for receiving and dispensing cash. The booth will also serve as a safety area for employees working near pumps, and customizable security equipment can be installed.

Red and white gas station attendant booth

Cash Registers– Merchant Account Solutions specialize in cash registers for gas station booths for processing payments and keeping cash secure. Their supersystem’s ability works with every major petroleum pump dispenser brand. Visit Merchant Account Solution for the Ruby SuperSystem.

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Security Camera System – Today more than ever gas stations can get robbed. And not just the cash register, thieves steal gas. Having a security camera system installed is one of the best things to fight crime. It also gives your employees assurance you are concerned about safety in your facility. Lots of options to buy security cameras are at Lorex by Flir

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Automotive Accessories- Products your customers need like snacks, beverages, motor oil, antifreeze, and windshield wipers will help increase revenue.

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The ANCO brand is a leader in replacement wiper blades, refills, washer pumps and wiper arms. Buy  them at  Auto Barn . The website carries full line auto accessories such as anti-freeze and coolant.

Portable Workstations:

Portable workstations for your office offer convenience and flexibility because they are moveable to different locations within your worksite or fabricated guard booth. They are weather guard sheds that are built with full electric hookup for computers, phone lines, and printers, and have a built-in desk and drawer. You can purchase supplies at the reputable websites below.

Inside View of a Warehouse Office

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Portable Scanners- They are really handy and allow you can transfer information from  fabricated guard booth back to your main office site. The TaoTronics Handheld Mobile Portable Document scanner 1050 DPI can be found on  Amazon.

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Two Way Radios- Portable offices may be a mile or more from employees on the job site. Motorola makes the Motorola Talkabout 23-Mile 2-Way Radio is convenient accessories without having to worry about cell phone reception in remote areas. Buy one at Big Five Sporting Goods Store.

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Wi-Fi- The necessary choice for your portable office computer system. Supports up to eight devices, Check out FreedomPop UMX-MXL655FPBK Unimax MXL 655 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot at Staples.

Cashier Station:

Portable cashier stations are your first point of collecting revenue. Guardian Booth offers secure stations that have the ability to house all the accessories for your business to operate efficiently. Additional supplies we recommended that you purchase for this kind of booth:

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Flashlights-Flashlights are useful for evening venues. They can prevent a cashier from stepping outside the workstation if identification needs to be seen more clearly for entry after dark. Streamlight Stinger DS LED Rechargeable Flashlight with Standard Charger manufactured by Searchlight can be found at Galls

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Cash Drawers- Secure your case with a cash drawer for easy access to manual cash. The MMF Cash Drawer- MMF-VAL1314M-04 MMF Val-U Line Touch-Release Manual Cash offers an alarm. Lowest pricing on Amazon

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Cash Register- If you have a lot of volume and a large venue then consider the Datio Point of Sale Base Station and Cash Register for iPad with Point of Sale (POS) Software, printer, cash drawer, scanner and credit card reader for $695. Glowing reviews can be found on  Amazon

We know what is a guard shack, and we know that choosing that choosing security guard gated booths are one of the most important decisions to make your location secure and safe. You’ve made the right choice by choosing a company that cares about its customers.

Whether it is anti- ram fencing, industrial fencing supplies, security camera system, or any other type of supplies, we will guide you all the way through from start to finish.

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