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Top Construction Industry Articles & Newsletters

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The construction industry is always changing and advancing. Thus staying abreast of the latest construction industry articles, news, and technology is imperative to industry leaders. 

From learning the key factors that are driving the modular construction industry to how to manage a construction company, the internet is full of amazing and valuable information for anyone in construction – if only you know where to find it. 

We know that the security and safety of your construction site is important. We also know that you are always on the lookout for the most up-to-date, valuable information to help you stay on top of the construction industry, beyond just security, to help you run your construction or building company effectively. 

To help you stay informed, following is a list of 11 of the most informative and relevant construction industry websites, magazines, newsletters, and construction industry blogs from across the construction industry. Here are the top construction websites with the best construction industry blogs on the web today.

#1 BDC: Building Design + Construction

One of the premier construction publications, this construction online magazine puts out a digital edition every month. The full-color magazine is full of information about building design, construction, equipment, and more. From cybersecurity to using drones in construction, this magazine covers the entire industry. The website offers online building blogs and videos.

Magazine cover for Building Design + Construction

#2 Constructor Magazine

This construction online magazine provides just the right amount of information delivered directly to your email inbox. From construction industry articles on building materials like steel to the future of the industry to budgeting to safety, this magazine delivers 2-4 newsletters to your inbox each month. This is just enough to keep you informed but not enough to overrun your already busy box. 


Constructor AGC red logo

Don’t want your inbox cluttered at all? All of their newsletter construction articles are aggregated into a monthly digital magazine that is available for free, online. What’s more – you can view back issues with just a click, anywhere, anytime. 

#3 ENR: Engineering News Record

This website is full of information, and its homepage maintains a news-like approach, with regularly posted stories about the construction industry. These construction industry articles cover everything from how the construction industry helped with the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic by donating masks to support health workers to how workers shut down a bridge in Seattle when cracks appeared.


ENR Engineering News-Record red logo

In addition to providing regularly updated news stories, this website is a storehouse of other information from construction technology to construction events and has many podcasts and videos. In addition, ENR offers its own industry aware conference every summer. Go to the home page, then click “More” to subscribe. 

#4 Highways Today

More than just a website about road building, this is one of the most interesting construction blogs to follow. This detailed website offers industry news in the United Stats and beyond. The home page links directly to the hottest news articles. But click the “magazine viewer” towards the upper right and you get a great slide-show type listing of the latest news, in full color.

Highways today logo with symbol of man shoveling asphalt

There is also a link to “Country News”, which provides a list of countries to choose from to get specific, detailed stories for that area. Click “Material News” to view stories by material type (need to learn about asphalt? Click it!), or “Industry News” to view by industry (from Architecture to Waste Management). 

#5 For Construction

This website combines general contractor blogs and resources from across the industry. It offers news articles from a variety of other companies, as well as links to magazine subscriptions for various construction publications.


Asphalt Magazine yellow on black logo

Specific Industry Sources and Construction Industry Articles

Looking for a construction online magazine, website, or newsletter that is a bit more individualized, perhaps with a focus on a specific material, equipment, or safety? Check out these sites:

#6 Asphalt Magazine

From roofing to roads, this website has hundreds of articles in their archive spanning the full range of all things asphalt. The main page has the most modern articles, in living color. But click “archive” in the top navigation bar, and an entire world of information is at our fingertips, free of charge.

Construction Equipment black on yellow logo

Also, click the “seminars” tab for a list of live training seminars and even online webinars that they offer throughout the year.
#7 Construction Equipment
This site is a gold mine of information on the construction industry, with a print magazine, digital magazine, and a very thorough website that is full of videos, news articles, and more. You can watch almost 300 videos for free, with topics ranging from excavator field tests to product reviews – all centered around heavy construction machines, vehicles, and equipment.

EC&M logo with cartoon people

They also offer both a free digital newsletter, where you can choose up to four categories including technology and safety. In addition, you can receive their print issues delivered to you for free as well. 

#8 EC&M

This is the premier website for electrical contractors and workers, covering all things electrical in a residential, commercial, and industrial building. They offer a free newsletter, as well as a magazine that comes in both print and digital versions.

Equipment World white on grey logo

This is a very simple website to use. There are not many tabs or buttons – just a variety of good articles on electrical grounding, operating an electrical business, and more, all easily accessible from the home page. 


#9 Equipment World

Dozens of articles and in-depth information is at your fingertips on this website, including articles on new equipment models but also news articles such as, “As the coronavirus shuts down construction in parts of the U.S., others accelerate work”. Want this great information to come straight to your email inbox? Just type your email address into the “newsletter” sign-up box that is prominently featured on the home page.

For Construction Stay Connected logo with text

And don’t forget to check out the safety section on this website, which is full of well researched, relevant articles from across the construction industry. Oh, and they also offer a print version of their blog in magazine form, if you prefer to carry it around with you!

#10 GBD Magazine

This is a green building website, focused on future building trends and environmentally friendly technology in construction. They have a free newsletter that you can have delivered straight to your inbox. But they also have an award-winning, full-color print magazine that goes far beyond their blog that, “offers a comprehensive global perspective on new projects and products created with sustainability and social responsibility in mind.”

Thumbnails of 8 gb&d magazine covers

The digital version of the magazine is free. The print version costs $60 per year. 


#11 CIOB

This professional and detailed construction website is a repository for journals, magazines, and articles on the construction industry. Offering links to classes as well as articles, this is a research website, providing a veritable treasure trove of information for anyone seeking to learn about construction, or specifically seeking to research various specific concepts in the construction industry.

Image from CIOB journal

While they encourage membership, which costs about $300 (less if you are a student or retiree), many of the site’s features are accessible without membership. 

The industry is full of interesting, valuable, and timely construction industry articles. For even more specialized industry sources, check out this list of web resources compiled by Rutgers University as a list of resources for general contractors. Or, check out these Top 10 Security Blogs to Follow.

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