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The Benefits of an Office Gym Combo

If you have a home office, you’re constantly updating it and trying to find ways to work more efficiently. One consideration is to create a home office gym. In other words, you turn your office into an exercise room. This post will discuss the benefits of a home office and gym combo and how you can set up your gym and office room with style.

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The Benefits of this Setup

A home office gym combo right here in your office has several benefits, including:

●      It Energizes You for Your Day

Having a workout in your office gym combo can help if you want to start your day in style, since, with a home office right on premises, it’s easy to find the time to work out before you start your workday. Working out can energize you better than the second cup of coffee. It gets your blood pumping, giving you a mental boost.

●      And It’s a Good Way to Wind Down

After work, your home office and gym can be an excellent place to unwind. If you feel stressed after work, working out releases endorphins to improve your mood. Even just taking a break and doing a bit of cardio during your breaks can hel[p to energize you. Don’t leave your office feeling frustrated; working those frustrations out can make you feel much better.

●      It Helps You Sleep

As an office worker, you need to be at your mental peak, and you won’t be if you don’t get 7-9 hours of sleep each night. Working out has been linked to better sleep, and a small gym can be an excellent place for you to improve your sleep quality. With that said, following sleep hygiene rules can increase your chances of a better night’s sleep.

●      It Can Save You Time and Money

If you have a home office, having an office gym combo can save you gym membership fees, transportation, and the hassle of going to an average gym. While it can be an investment, it’s an investment that can pay for itself in the long run.

●      Prevents Spread of Germs

If you don’t want to catch a virus, working out at your home office and gym can decrease your chances. A gym can be a place where viruses spread quickly due to the number of people there, and not everyone wipes after they’re done with their workout. Meanwhile, a custom home gym has only you or people in your household using it.

Some Good Ideas for Exercise Equipment

Most people will not have an office big enough to hold a variety of machines. Also, most people do not have the money to afford many machines. However, a small space home office gym combo can be as effective. Here are some excellent ideas for exercise equipment.

●      Cardio Machine

A cardio machine is excellent for any modern home gym. Best of all, you can find a cardio machine that fits a room of any size. For example, if you have a bigger room, you can get a large treadmill with bells and whistles. If you have a smaller space, you can get a foldable treadmill.

There are some cardio machines that you can fit under your desk, too. For example, this small elliptical allows you to work out anywhere.

●      Dumbbells or Weights

Having dumbbells or weights is excellent if you’re creating an office gym combo. You can purchase a rack and grab several sizes if you have space. If your home gym size is smaller, you can grab a pair for cheap and still be able to do a variety of workouts.

●      Pull-up Bar

One purchase you can make is a pull-up bar, which you can attach to your home office and gym door. Pull-ups can get your body moving, and a bar allows for no additional space to take over your home.

●      Bowflex

Bowflex machine allows you to do multiple workouts in one place. If you have some space in your office gym combo, but you still need to be mindful, buying a Bowflex may be a great idea.

●      Workout Mat

You can do sit-ups, push-ups, and other floor activities in a comfortable space with a workout mat. A mat can be a part of your floor, or you can roll it up for later use.

●      And More

Peruse your local store, brick-and-mortar or online, and think about what equipment would fit your home office and gym. What part of your body would you like to target? What do your space and budget allow?

How to Set Up a Room for Dual Purposes

When creating your office gym combo, there are several guidelines to follow. Let’s discuss them.

booth space for office gym combo


If you have a small home gym layout, you should begin by measuring your room. Your home gym dimensions will make a difference when deciding what equipment should be in your room.

For example, if you have a 10×10 home gym layout, you may go with smaller equipment. With that said, there are many home gym small space tricks that may come in the form of…


Think about where you’re going to put the equipment when you’re done. Some machines, such as a small treadmill, can fit in the corner without issues. However, you may want a rack for your dumbbells. Does your home office and gym have a closet? If not, consider purchasing additional home gym shelving.

If you have a smaller room, workout storage can be challenging. In that case, it may be worth it to look at your walls and ceiling. Installing hooks on your walls can help to store your workout mats. Meanwhile, a wall shelf may help to hold your barbells. Just make sure the stand has a suitable weight capacity.

With your home gym floor plan, be sure to keep items that can damage your office equipment as far away as possible. For example, you don’t want to hang any weights above your computer.

Utilizing these gym storage ideas can help keep your room uncluttered and spacious.


Your workout room colors can affect your feelings towards your home gym as well.

The colors you choose for your room can help set the mood. For example, if you’re trying to pump yourself up, vibrant colors certainly help. On the other hand, your small home gym colors should be cool and calm if you use your office gym combo to focus and meditate. Perhaps you want a combination of both. For example, you may wish for your gym to have more vibrant colors and your office area to have cooler colors.

There is no wrong answer when it comes to an office gym combo. Perhaps look at pictures of someone’s home office and gym to get inspiration.

booth space for work and recreation

It Doesn’t Have to Be in Your Office

Sometimes, you don’t have a big enough small gym floor plan, making your home gym installation seem impossible. However, you can put your home gym anywhere.

For example, you may want to have a backyard gym. A backyard gym can work well, especially with a fenced-in area. While it can be limited by weather, the outdoors allows you to experiment a bit more. There are many backyard gym ideas you can try, such as using a rope and a tree to work out.

Also, if you have a shed, or a nap pod that is large enough, you can turn that into a gym. Think of several shed gym ideas, and see if you can create a gym based on those.

Any valuable equipment for the outdoors should be properly stored in equipment enclosures so they are well maintained from weather and other elements.

storage enclosure for equipment

Online Training

Before we go, let’s talk about the benefits of a mobile personal trainer.

If you want to become fit, but you have no clue what workouts you should do, what your diet should be, or if you have any other questions, personal training sessions can help. You can hire a personal trainer from the comfort of your home.  The reason it’s easier than ever to hire a remote trainer is because of the COVID-19 pandemic and due to the increased popularity of remote learning.

For instance, you can find an inexpensive personal trainer online if you have any basic questions. On the other hand, you may want a specific type of training or a variety of services. You may be able to find several exercise packages available through well-established personal trainers. For beginners, online personal training packages that cost less can give you the basics. On the other hand, more expensive online fitness coaching packages can help train you to your fullest potential.

With that said, some people may benefit more from an in-person trainer. When it comes to virtual vs. in-person training, there are several pros and cons to both. For example, virtual training can cost less, reduce risk of exposure to disease, and be more flexible. However, in-person training can do a better job of holding you accountable.


Integrating a gym into your home can improve your physical and mental health while allowing you to save money and time on going to a gym yourself. Gym equipment is relatively easy to find and is more affordable than ever, so why not check out some stores selling equipment and see if any will be a good fit for your office gym combo?

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