Security Station Setup and It’s Importance for Public Security

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The Importance of a Security Station for Public Safety

Security Station

With the unprecedented level of violence that has occurred already in 2021, it has become even more important than ever to have a strong foundation of security for the general population. But just what does public security even mean? And where does it all start? Well, the key is to make sure that you’re protecting the people on your property, and that starts with a security station.

What is a Security Guard Shack?

Also called a guard shack, security booth or any number of things, these stations are designed to make sure that anyone entering your property is seen and acknowledged by a security official. These booths come in all different sizes, shapes, designs, and more, but they’re extremely important when you want to make sure that the people on your property are as protected as possible.

Guard shacks are generally located at the main gate to your facility, though you may want to put one at all of the gates if there is any way someone could get past locked or closed areas. This ensures that no matter who attempts to gain entrance to your property, whether they are invited or not, a security professional will be able to see them. They can then allow entry, deny entry or question the individual before they enter the premises.

All of this from just having a small security podium on your property with someone watching who is coming in and who is going out. Setting up a security vestibule is a simple process, yet it’s a worthwhile investment that could have immense benefits for you. You just need to find the best guard shacks for sale.

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Why Do You Need a Guardhouse?

Having a guard stand or even just a security desk before people enter the property makes for a safer facility for everyone. It means that everyone has to be approved before they are allowed to enter and that reduces the risk of someone who is not supposed to be there actually being able to gain entrance. This can better protect your facility as a whole, your intellectual or physical property, and your employees or even customers and vendors.

With the surge in violence especially you want to make sure that no one gets on your property without being invited there. Your security team will be able to stop people from entering that aren’t supposed to be there and they can also do checks and even vehicle searches if necessary to keep out items that aren’t allowed.

Another important factor is your intellectual or physical property, which is susceptible to theft. A custom security station provides an added layer of security that a potential thief will have to go through in order to get in and then get out with whatever they came for. It’s easy to see why prefabricated guard houses can reduce the risk of theft or break-ins, including general vandalism.

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What Your Security Booths Needs:

Now, if you’ve already decided that you need to have a security guard shack what should you be installing? It starts with the shack itself and that means thinking about just who is going to be there and how long they’re expected to be there.

If you are going to have only a single guard in your guard stand for short periods of time you may be able to get by with only a small building with not a lot of additional features. Also, if the station is only going to be manned during daylight hours or open hours for the business you may be able to cut down on the features.

On the other hand, if your guard is going to be in the station for extended periods of time they may need additional features. They may need a larger station, bathrooms, security desk furniture, heaters, A/C, and a whole lot more. That’s why it’s important to think about the options before you get started.

Vinyl Protective Wrap – First on the list of considerations is a vinyl wrap for your security boot. This cover or wrap actually makes the security station look better and more professional. On top of that, it’s going to be better protected so it won’t scratch as easily and it’s not going to fade as quickly. Plus, you can get it in different colors to match the look of your facility.

Exterior Electrical Disconnect Switch – Power is definitely important in your guard stand, especially if it’s going to be manned for extended periods, in the dark or even just when the weather is less than ideal. This switch will provide the option to shut off all power to the interior of the building with the flip of a single switch. It’s also rated for 30 Amps and can be upgraded to higher levels as needed.

Baseboard Heaters – When the weather gets cold you still want your security staff to be comfortable and that’s where baseboard heaters can be important. Not to mention more convenient than a portable unit that needs to be carried around and tends to take up a lot more space. Instead, you can get two baseboard heaters with a built-in thermostat, wiring and installation to keep your guard stands more comfortable.

security booth with extra features

Built-In A/C Unit – Along the same lines as the heaters, you want your security personnel to be comfortable when the weather gets warm as well. And that’s where a built-in AC unit will help. You’ll get a built-in unit, digital screen and a remote that will keep your shack as comfortable as possible without the need for fans or portable units that take up space and use up electricity. Not to mention they just can’t get the job done as well.

Tinted Windows – Keeping your security team safe is important and that’s where tinted windows can be a benefit as well. It provides additional security and privacy for the guards inside the booth as well as blocking out harmful UV rays and some of the heat from the sun. Plus, you have options for a mirror tint or a 15% black tint to get just the right look and function.

Outside LED Spotlights – If your booth is going to be manned during the night or when bad weather causes it to get darker outside, then lights are an important feature. These LED spotlights make sure that anyone can see the booth easily (which provides a better sense of where to go) and lets your security staff see what’s happening around them. These lights have a separate light switch, are completely wired and installed and can be swiveled in whatever direction you want.

Custom Exterior and Design – Getting a vinyl wrap for your security station may not be exactly what you’re looking for. Maybe you want something that is a little more personalized and creates a more unique or cohesive look. That’s where custom designs come in. They’re made with 3M 1080 vinyl protective wrap that offers all the benefits you get with a standard wrap, and yet they come in a completely unique pattern that uses your design.

Duplex Ethernet Port and Phone Line – If you’re going to need internet and/or phones in your booth then this is an important add-on that makes sure you have all the connections at your fingertips. It can be set up quickly and easily and includes conduits and boxes to keep the connections better protected against the weather. All you need is your IT team to set up the actual digital connections.

Extra Desk – A desk is important so that your security personnel can do some of their other work or keep records while they’re in the booth, but you might actually want more than one desk for additional work and documents or for another security person inside the booth. It helps keep things organized and can be added to any section of the booth to make sure there’s plenty of room and easy access.

Mounted Booth on Flatbed Trailer – Sometimes you need a stationary booth that remains in one location at all times. Other times you might need a booth you can move around to different locations. A flatbed trailer with a smaller booth can make that possible. You’ll get a 3500 lb. idler axle as well as DOT lighting, 15” tires, 2” ball coupler, four stabilizer jacks, a 4” handrail at the rear, and easy step down from the booth to the ground.

Extra Features – Other features can included fixed glass windows, sliding doors, solid walls, additional doors, microphones, key hooks, exterior counters, lockers, elevated platforms, and a whole lot more. In fact, all you have to do is ask and we can probably take care of your custom options and get your booth up to the level you want.

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Setting Up Your Security Station

When you’re ready to set up a security station you want to make sure that you have all the features that your team is going to need. Make sure that you look at the features here and create a booth that is going to protect your team, your facility and everyone else who enters your property by keeping out the danger.



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