Prefabricated Structures for Your Boating Season

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Prefabricated Structures for Your Boating Season

Boating season is the best time of year for coastal towns! With more tourists coming to take advantage of the scenic views, public launch spots, and marina amenities, the local businesses will be busier than ever! Need to prepare your marina for the boating season rush? Guardian Booth can help by designing, engineering, and manufacturing the prefabricated structures that will help your marina operate efficiently! We can provide reliable, quality structures that will help drive sales and make your marina or boating facility a popular family destination.

Prefabricated Structures this Boating Season

Different Uses of Prefabricated Structures Offered by Guardian Booth

Guardian Booth offers customized prefabricated structures that can be used in the following ways:

  • Security Booths: As the name suggests, these prefabricated structures are designed to secure your marina or boating establishment. We have a variety of sizes of security guard shack options for you to choose from, as well as add-on features you can implement into your structure that will allow your employees to do their job duties well, while also staying secure. Our boating area security booth offers a 360-degree vantage point, protection on all sides, and ultimate comfort to users. These booths can be mobile if needed too! It’s as simple as adding caster wheels to the bottom or placing them on a trailer to travel to your next location.

    Security Booths

  • Concession Stands: A long day in the sun calls for some snacks and refreshments along the way. Our prefabricated structures can transform into an appealing concession stand at your marina. They feature large sliding windows on all sides, making it easy to talk to guests and supply them with drinks and food without any messes. These can be equipped with a secure cash drawer, allowing you to keep your earnings safe and in one place. With a prefab structure from Guardian Booth, you can ensure a memorable experience for your marina guests.

    Concession Stands

  • Parking Attendant Booths: Crowded parking areas may create chaos, especially during the busy season in coastal towns. Create a designated parking area for your marina guests and members to prevent loitering around your boating location. Our parking attendant booths are the perfect solution! You can take payment for parking permits and monitor your parking lot with ease, to ensure your customers are using the right parking lot. A simple solution, to make for an easier parking experience for your guests.

    Parking Attendant Booths

  • Ticket Booths: Planning on holding some seasonal events at the marina? Consider adding a functioning ticket booth! Our ticket booths can streamline the ticket buying process, making it easier for customers to purchase tickets for your next marina event. With a ticket booth in place, marinas can capture the attention of more customers and maximize their revenue potential. Our functional ticket booths come with a built-in desk and drawer, allowing you to organize your cash and tickets efficiently. We can customize these booths with large sliding windows on each side that can help you cater to multiple customers at the same time and reduce long lines and wait times at your booth.

    Ticket Booths

If you’re looking for a secure and convenient way to enhance your customer experience this boating season, consider Guardian Booth! Our experienced professionals are here to help you create a customized booth that meets your exact business needs. With our expertise and experience, we guarantee you will have an unforgettable boating season. Get in touch with us today to learn more about what we can do for you, before the busy season begins!

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