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Construction Site Security Booths

Commercial construction sites are a busy work environment. They feature building supplies, construction equipment, and materials, worth thousands of dollars. Protecting these sites from theft and vandalism has been one of the key concerns for contractors and construction companies in recent years. Statistics by the National Equipment Register and National Insurance Crime Bureau states there is an estimated loss of $1 billion every year due to construction equipment theft.

Nowadays, construction companies are hiring security agencies to mitigate these risks on construction sites. Guardian Booth designs and manufactures guard booths for commercial construction sites. We can provide construction site office trailers that allow security personnel to move around the property and monitor the premises effectively. How do these booths differ from standard booths that you find in the same market? Learn more on this blog.

Features of Commercial Construction Prefab Structures Manufactured by Guardian Booth

Typically, stationary guard booths are found on most construction sites. However, Guardian Booth’s prefabricated structures ensure a different and more comfortable working experience for employees or security personnel. Learn more about the following features of commercial site office trailers offered by Guardian Booth that make them different.

  • Mobility: Not looking for a permanent structure right now? Don’t worry, we have trailer booth options available that can give you the mobility you need to take your work with you to various job sites. Our standard booths are also able to be moved via forklift. Now, you can have a structure wherever it’s needed most!
    Construction Trailer Security Booths
  • View: If you are looking for a more secure job site, our security booths can help you achieve that. We can design your booth with our large sliding windows, making it easy to see who’s entering and leaving the property and communicate with visitors easily. This option is a popular choice among our modular offices too. Making it easy for project managers to oversee employees and the job site, or communicate with personnel.
    Construction Security Booths with 360 degree View
  • Climate Controlled: Working in construction means you are working in unpredictable weather conditions. You can customize your prefab structure with climate control features like baseboard heat or air conditioners. Providing maximum comfort for security guards working in a booth, or for employees to warm up or cool down on their break.
    Climate Controlled Construction Booths
  • Organization: Create the ideal office space by including some of our add-on features in your modular office space. You can keep important documents and project materials in a safe place with our built-in desk and drawer feature.
  • Large Interiors: Our security guard booths or modular office spaces are designed with large interiors. Making it suitable for one or multiple employees to be in one space at the same time, and perform their job duties comfortably. These large interior spaces provide the opportunity to include a restroom option in your prefab structure. Giving your employees everything they need in one location.
    Construction Site Booth with Large Interior
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    Are you looking to invest in a quality prefabricated structure for your next construction site? At Guardian Booth, we can help you find the right structure that will help you meet your company’s needs. Choose from our standard size options or design a custom-sized booth and include the features that will create a functional and efficient workspace for your employees. Contact our experts today to learn more about these prefab structures for your construction needs.

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