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We’ve Done a Lot of Great Ticket Booth Projects over the Years

At Guardian Booth we don’t just make ticket booth projects: We have fun designing and building high quality, long lasting, prefabricated ticket booths to meet the unique needs of every organization and event.

Let’s take a look at a few of our most popular modern ticket booth creations.

1. The World Famous Blue Man Group

The Blue Man Group is an amazing and unique entertainment troupe that puts on a show like no other! With their amazing lights and drums they create an exciting place to rock out, party with your peeps, and have a great time.

Booth with

To help the Blue Man Group get customers in the door, we built this fun and colorful 4′ x 6′ ticket booth. The booth has a beautiful blue and purple custom exterior wrap that fits their brand perfectly!

The booth was built with integrated air conditioning and heat so it can be used in any weather. It has a full panel box for convenience, lighting, and window shades for both privacy and security of the ticket shed.

Blue Man Group booth with AC unit visible

This particular carnival ticket booth was used to sell tickets for their show in Boston, MA, and was stationed at the famous Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston.

Because this client does not have much storage space available, Guardian Booth stores their fair ticket booth for them while it’s not in use.

Blue Man Group booth with security shades drawn

2. New York Botanical Gardens

A tree with purple flowers in a garden

The New York Botanical Gardens is a beautiful and amazing park that is not just full of plants, but also full of people who, according to their website, “advocate for the plant kingdom”. Their mission is to create a museum of living plant life that they have beautifully arranged into a series of gardens and landscapes.

A simple dark blue booth with a customer counter

We created a 4′ x 4′ square ticket booth for them to use for admission, information and other purposes. This simple but elegant portable ticket booth has a customer exterior wrap in a deep earthy tone, an exterior counter, and outside LED spotlights.

3. Evergreen State Fairgrounds, Snohomish County, WA

A swinging carnival ride in the air

The Evergreen State Fairgrounds is home to (among other things) the annual Washington State Fair. Host to a variety of entertainment, educational, recreational, agricultural, and other activities, the state fair is a bustling and exciting summer day activity.

Three large, red ticket booths lined up in a row

For this event we provided the state fair organizers with three 6′ x 8′ ticket booths, each wrapped in a rich custom red to really stand out among the hustle and bustle of the fair.

Customized with exterior counters, large ticket windows with speaker holes and money slots, these booths are attractive, modern and sleek. They look right at home at a fair, are the types of booths at a carnival that are designed for efficiency, and are easy for customers to find all around the fair grounds.

4. The Old North Foundation of Boston

We built a beautiful booth for the Old North Foundation of Boston, and nonprofit organization that runs the Old North Historic Site.

A religious statue of a man in front of a brick wall

Welcoming hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, this is the site of Boston’s oldest surviving church and one of the most visited places in the state.

To help this nonprofit organization sell tickets and provide information, we built this beautiful wooden ticket booth in a style to match the classic colors and lines of the other older buildings on the property.

A ticket booth with brown slatted exterior and AC unit

This booth is 4′ x 6′, one of our “Presidential Models”. It has a gently sloping roof, a sliding door, rain screening, A/C and heat, and an exterior shelf for customer convenience.

Our clients were very pleased with this booth and wrote the following to our ticketbooth contact, “Thank you so much for accommodating our request and working with us so diligently to customize the design. It looks way better than we ever envisioned it.”

5. Slack Attach booth with Money Drop

This booth was built for Slack Attack Communications, a media and marketing company that works with a variety of organizations. One special feature the ticket stall needed in order to sell tickets and collect donations was a safe money drop embedded within their booth. The most interesting feature is on the inside – note the money drop and secured cabinet to hold money drops throughout the day or night.

Interior of a ticket booth showing locked cabinet

This simple but clean and modern booth is 4′ x 8′, built with a rigid, galvanized conduit and an interior/exterior money drop. It also has a built-in desk for employee convenience.

Exterior of blue ticket booth with money drop slot

Want to see more interesting ticket booth case studies beyond what Guardian Booth has done? Here are a few fun and different types of ticket booths for your viewing pleasure and inspiration:

A large wooden ticket booth with large rain awning

Parliamentary Ticket Office, Westminster, London

A traditional box office booth made of cardboard

Fun, temporary “toy” ticket booth available for school plays and other playful activities.

A white carnival ticket booth with

A classic, old style ticket booth still in use at a county fair in Missouri.

Guardian Booth has deep experience building various carnival ticket booths for sale. You can see more types of ticket booths we’ve built by checking out our only booth gallery. Whether you’re seeking a temporary ticket booth or a more portable ticket booth, we have many carnival ticket booth stand options to choose from.

Think you might need a ticket booth for your next event? Check out our prefabricated ticket booth options. Do you have any exciting ticket booth ideas? We enjoy turning your creative museum booth design into reality with a museum security booth that stands out! We’d love to hear from you and work together on designing your carnival ticket booth for sale!

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